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J Cole is protesting the NFL and he wants you to do it too

This weekend was pretty wild. Melo finally got traded, ‘Catch me Outside’ girl got a record deal, and the President of the United States got into a Twitter beef with a sports league and its players.

For those unaware, many NFL players have been taking a knee during the national anthem as a form of protest. Colin Kaepernick began sitting out the anthem last season in protest of police brutality. Since then, he’s been blackballed from the NFL, which has sparked many other players to voice their disapproval.

As the NFL season starts, more and more players along with staff have refused to participate in the anthem. Donald Trump apparently took offense, publicly condemning these “son of a bitch” protestors.

Trump called the act disrespectful and even called out the NFL for their low ratings, terrible even…. SAD. With 12 tweets dedicated towards the NFL, it’s weird to think of how little he spoke about literal Nazis walking the streets or Puerto Rico’s current disaster as the island is left with no resources.

Celebrities from all over were coming at Trump’s neck, including Snoop Dogg who had his own response:

Most surprising of the celebs to come forward was J.Cole.

The normally reclusive rapper came on Twitter after months of inactivity with a simple question “How you make a thread”.

After getting his answer, the ‘platinum with no features’ star went on to speak to the American people about the current controversy surrounding the NFL. As he urged viewers to stop watching games, Cole dropped gems on how we can truly make our voices heard.

Suggesting a private investigator look into Kaepernick’s unfair unemployment, Cole wants the former quarterback to receive what he’s owed. It’s clear he’s been thinking critically about this situation for a while and hopes that others will be as passionate as he is on the matter.

Although his Tweets were inspiring, the fact is most people aren’t going to put his words into practice. Habit is a hard thing to break and like Uncle Snoop said “I’M STILL WATCHING N****.”

Peep J. Cole’s thread below where he also took time to acknowledge Cardi B and give her a calm little shout out: