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It’s not safe, Mayor Bill de Blasio roasted for bumping R. Kelly

“Sunday is the Lord’s day.” So why was Mayor Bill de Blasio caught red-handed flapping his arms like a bird to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” song at a church service while visiting South Carolina?

Mans is sick he was caught, no? During the service, a congregation of churchgoers worships the “Savior” while Mayor Bill de Blasio is seen on the upper left side of the video bumping heavy to the alleged sex abuser’s infamous track.

No one is safe, son, not even the Mayor of NYC. If you are caught bumping R. Kelly you will get roasted. Back in 2002, R. Kelly was charged with 21 counts of child pornography related to his allegedly videotaping himself having sex with an unidentified underage girl.

After he was acquitted on charges after a trial in 2008 his past came back to haunt him in 2019 when a Lifetime docuseries dropped and shed a brighter light on a shocking and disturbing complicit system that enabled the abuse to continue and R. Kelly from punishment.

Making headlines again, R. Kelly would be subject to more embarrassment after he failed to pay his ex-wife child support of $161,000. Then there was the interview he had with Gayle King and reports that investigators might have found a third R. Kelly sex tape.

With this kind of villainous track record, there is no reason why anyone should be knocking this mans tracks. Mayor of NYC or nah, we should all be aware that singing, humming, bumping, or even the slightest of head nodding is prohibited.

Yes, Bill, your arms flapping in sync with “I believe I Can Fly”  was probably a harmless act but you should know better homie. We should all be wise and learn from another man’s mistakes because you too might be made an example of.

And trust we noticed the entire congregation thinking they can fly too. SMH!

There is no joking around when it comes to bumping R. Kelly’s tracks. It is a forbidden act and you will be roasted even if you’re caught on video in a church somewhere vibing out to Lord Voldemort’s throwbacks.