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‘It smells like gentrification’: New Yorkers react to new NYC-scented candle

Yo! Who’s tryna cop a candle with the smell of NYC on a hot summer day? None of us New Yorkers are.

Fragrance company Diptyque has created a candle that’s supposed to capture the scent of NYC and it’s getting a lot of heat on Twitter.

New York City actually smells like the inside of a wet gym sock mixed with garbage, onion, and cheese. So, why the fuck would I want to bring that scent into the crib?Steamy sewers and evaporating saliva are what encompasses the same oxygen we breathe out here.

Apparently, that’s not the scent Diptyque is looking to capture. We caught up with a couple of sales representatives at the Grand Central and Madison Ave. store locations. The candle which is only available in NYC is supposed to captivate a “1920s New York.”

The scent is supposed to encapsulate the Gatsby Era sprinkled with a cedar-like, smoky scent, from the inside of a Speakeasy.

To be honest, the inside of an NYC speakeasy did not smell like that as personal hygiene just started popping off in the early 1900s. The scent from the inside of an enclosed dark bar was probably more similar to that of a musky perfume covering a cheeky butt smell. So cheeky!

The $70 6.5 ounce candle has New Yorkers skeptical AF. Twitter fingers went straight to work flaming the shit out of the wax torch.

Factual smelly vibes in New York.

Chill, this tweet had me weak


Damn… flamed!

Musty hobo ayyee.

Even though it smells crazy gotta give it up for NYC being poppin’ af

Alright, the candle definitely smells fire but sheesh what a concept!