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Is Zack Fox the multi-hyphenate we want to be? A tribute to the creative of the year

He kept creating. He kept inspiring. And he never stopped making us laugh and smile. Zack Fox is Kulture Hub’s 2020 Creative of the Year.

In a year of unprecedented adversity, Zack Fox stayed consistent in his pursuits, humble in his resolve, and most importantly, he inspired those in his community along the way. 

We reached out to some folks in Fox’s inner circle to hear about how he inspired them in this tumultuous, but from a creative perspective, beautiful, year.

What makes Zack… Zack? From his closest loved one

“Not only does he inspire and support me, but he has actually helped bring my ideas to life when I could use his artistic help,” states Kat Matutina, wellness marketing professional, fitness trainer, radio host, and Zack Fox’s partner.

“Zack has always inspired me to follow through with my ideas whether it’s creating a skincare product, merch, an event, a radio show, a podcast…anything.”

Kat Matutina

As an example of creative’s support, Matutina said she drew a “sad draft” of what she wants to be her skincare brand logo, and Zack Fox flipped it and designed it for her in five minutes.

He did the same for her ASS CAMP logo in 15 minutes after she briefly described her vision.

“He is the most supportive, inspiring, talented, creative person I know and I’m so lucky to call him my partner!”

Kat Matutina

How did Zack Fox’s career get started?

After dropping out of college, Fox’s career started in 2013 under the alias “bootymath.”

As a popular Twitter and YouTube influencer, he gained notoriety for his witty jokes and goofy disposition. As he put it himself, he “needed an escape from being broke and homeless.”

He found solace in laughter, much like we find it in him today.

The Atlanta artist’s resume has ramped up consistently as the years have gone on. He has been a radio host, an artist, an illustrator, and as each new skill was added to his gauntlet like an Atlanta Thanos, Fox’s collaborations grew.

As the ’10s moved on, Fox’s inner-circle of creatives grew. He would go on to collaborate with Thundercat, Flying Lotus, and Kenny Beats, with his repertoire expanding into film and music.

Zack Fox’s foray into the musical world has him where he is today: one of the world’s most exciting young artists. In the case of his two most recent tracks, it also landed the creative with a new producer, BNYX®.

Zack Fox’s impact — from his most recent producer

BNYX® is a music producer, songwriter, filmmaker, and just about anything else you could name. He is the producer behind Zack Fox’s latest two singles: IHY2LN + Marinate.

As BNYX® explains, he went from laughing at Zack Fox’s tweets and YouTube content as a fan behind a screen to working with him up-close on the daily. 

When BNYX® was living in LA, F1lthy, a producer from the collective “Working On Dying” (Drake, Uzi, Carti Etc) introduced him to Zack, saying he needed an engineer, someone to record his music. Zack came over to his studio, they made some songs, watched some funny videos and clicked.

“Whenever Zack hits me for music it pushes me and keeps me inspired, ‘cause Zack could literally call anybody and I mean anybody to make music for him…”

“He’s friends with some of the people that inspired me to even pursue music. He trusts me with his art and vision… which means the world to me. And to top it off he’s a really good friend.”


He supports his friends.

Sam Jay, a self-declared all-encompassing “professional person” is another one of Fox’s homies. She says Zack helped her a lot with the creative and visuals for the special she launched in August of 2020, 3 In The Morning.

In what is clearly a theme for those close to Fox, Jay said, “I just consult Zack on pretty much all things.”

In addition to her special, Jay works as a comedian and staff writer for Saturday Night Live.

It is clear Fox is more than just the average friend. He is the person you hit up when you get your long-awaited terrific news. The friend you reach out to when you need creative advice. The helpful hand when you’re lost and need direction.

Zack Fox continues to inspire those within his inner circle and aspiring creatives

From all of us at Kulture Hub, the multi-hyphenate creative Zack Fox reminds us, every day, that there is beauty and humor within the process, and there are always ways to support and inspire.

In a year of ups and downs, Zack Fox can be measured not just by the leaps he took, but by the people he inspired along the way. Happy New Year and tap in to Zack Fox’s latest singles here.

Hopefully our creative of the year motivates you to keep going. Bless up.