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Is Virtue Poker the new wave for celebrities to rake in chips?

Ryan Gittleson and Virtue Poker have concocted quite the professional gambling arena and it is all backed within the blockchain. It helps that they have the co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, at the helm for the first-ever online poker platform that you can fully trust. As a poker player, you send your wager from an ETH wallet to the ETH Smart Contract.

That Smart Contract organizes code for the parameters of the game and manages sidechain funds to determine payouts based upon bet sizes and chip counters. 

virtue poker eth
The core redeeming quality of this platform lies right within the name (via CryptoPotato)

Virtue Poker never holds your money whatsoever as it is all managed within the Smart Contract which acts as a short-term escrow account. (The Virtue Poker dApp includes a FunFair wallet to enhance gameplay).

To launch properly, Virtue Poker is set to host its first celebrity tournament with many prominent names on the ticket. None are more headline-grabbing than Paul ‘The Truth’ Pierce, who just recently parted ways with ESPN.

Make no mistake, Pierce is not hurting in the slightest and has taken this adverse moment to create a paramount pivot into the world of cannabis and poker. Look for him and many others to anny up and throw funds into the blockchain on June 22nd!

virtue poker blockchain
Paul Pierce and Phil Ivey are amongst some elite names to compete in Virtue Poker’s first celebrity event (via TecHubb)

Virtue Poker went through all the hoops with ETH and within the blockchain

Virtue Poker was the first B2C poker platform to complete the Malta Gaming Authority double audit for Systems and Digital Innovation. They received approval regarding their decentralized mechanisms for gameplay.

Some of these are decentralized bandwidth, storage protocols, heavy compute protocols and gaming logic. 

Having more token holders enables us to market our promotions for the platform to more players – driving more liquidity and gameplay on the app, which is our ultimate goal.

Ryan G (Virtue Poker Co-Founder)

Virtue Poker is out to become the safest, most secure online poker platform and it is all made possible through the blockchain. They will also reward NFTs for in-game ‘bounties’ and tournament victories in the form of bracelets. Overall, this platform provides the ideal use case for trust issues that run rampant within the poker industry.

How exactly does the platform differentiate itself from all others?

Considering the fact that Virtue Poker operates as a single entity architecture it is built to be foolproof. To hell with all the shady and dishonest algorithms that create trust scandals within the poker universe.

Virtue Poker solidifies its position within the network as it is based heavily within the blockchain network arena as opposed to the adversarial space. 

virtue poker
via CryptoMode

Clearly, with the blockchain based model Virtue Poker is the first of its kind. They didn’t just stop there, though! As a Virtue Poker player you are eligible for all kinds of special trinkets and tokens.

They base many rewards around their Virtue Player Points (VPP) tokens and allow these momentous occasions to be captured for eternity in the form of an NFT. 

Their overall goal was to reduce risk and improve fairness all the while being a modern poker platform. It is safe to say they are well on their way!

Virtue Poker brings us the next step in evolution

Marty McFly was onto something…we are now fully within the throws of the future. Embrace it! There are so many ways of doing one thing that it is incredibly difficult to variate from the norm.

How are you going to stomp ground and clear space for your brand to conquer above all else? Is there room for more than just one in the cryptocurrency space? Certainly!

So tap in with Virtue Poker and send your wager from an ETH wallet to the ETH Smart Contract. You won’t regret it.