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Is Supreme Patty the biggest savage on Instagram? Ya boy investigates

Do you remember the simple times when IG was a platform for aspiring photographers? It used to be so digestible. Now, it’s just a bunch of savages trolling the entire world with their brazy content.

Where will this lead us? Ultimately, to the braziest white-boy creation of all time, the man named Supreme Patty.

He flies at a speed of 0 mph, swooping down on innocents smelling like good weed and dried up Red Hot sauce.

Fuck a cape. Supreme Patty doesn’t need one, he flexes on his haters blinding them with his Supreme headband. Does he have a weakness? You bet.

Supreme Patty can’t stop being SAVAGE. EVER.

Just your average Saturday activities DM me to give new ideas for stunts!

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From when he wakes up…

Wake up LIKE A BOSS #lildickgang : @a.millz

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To when he’s going about his daily routine…

How to get a free car wash #lildickgang *EVERYONE TAG @kodakblack*

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And finally goes to sleep

When the kush almost kills you @heytommychong #lildickgang

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Are you impressed by the savage powers of Supreme Patty? Maybe him being only 19 with 1.8 million followers will.

Plus, the kid made one of the wildest comebacks in IG influencer history. In an interview with YouTube series, ‘Before They Were Famous‘, he said,

“When I was in the 10th grade, I smoked weed for the first time. Weed is fine, but it led me to hang with the wrong crowd and getting into deeper shit… Once I became a senior, I got into more hardcore drugs such as xans, coke, acid, shrooms, molly, etc.”

He had to check into rehab and Supreme Patty never thought he would make it out of high school as he dropped out just three credits short of graduation. He added,

“I began to start getting depressed and life was taking a tumble. So bad that one time I was off about six xans and tried committing suicide by jumping off a bridge… (Rehab) Changed me, and it also really hurt my family. I felt really bad and hated to see them cry about it. I quit all drugs after that and ended up getting a job for the county, as a lifeguard for Volusia County on the beach.”

Born Patrick Wallace, the homegrown Floridian then went on to get his GED, found inspiration from a name generator for his IG account, and then starting posting the savagery. The inspiration for him making it was being mad broke.

This is the video that put him on. The one that got reposted by Orlando Bloom

3 Hot dogs in 5 seconds. *Watch until the end* ☘#competitiveeating #hotdogs

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And it doesn’t stop at hotdogs…

The ONLY way to eat hot wings #hotwings #supremepatty #hotsauce #bongwaterchallenge @a.millz

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Or buffalo sauce, Supreme Patty fucks with all  types of concoctions

That shit looks gas, can I get a bowl? #lildickgang @thecurecompany @shinepapers @a.millz

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But one thing for sure no matter what savagery he gets himself into he thrives off of the positive vibes

Every person should strive to make a positive impact on their community @a.millz @westcoastcure_ #lildickgang

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Stay savage, Supreme Patty… stay savage.

Foreign Whips & Lil Dicks #lildickgang

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Patty is out here for the people!