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Is LeBron really a hip hop historian? 3 times he butchered rap lyrics

LeBron James isn’t shy about whatever his current favorite songs are. LeBron is a dedicated fan of music (he calls himself a hip hop historian) and raps on camera whenever he digs the flow of a song. But there is another side to his musical endeavors that has come to light recently: LeBron is constantly butchering lyrics.

LeBron has A&R’d 2 Chainz’s fifth studio album, “Rap or Go to the League,” and he makes no secret his love for hip hop, old and new. LeBron is no spry youth anymore, with 40 closer to him than 30, and with age comes many things.

It means it’s harder for ‘Bron to stay in touch with new trends. It means when he tries, he often sounds just straight up like an old head.

Consequently, it means he has not a shred of embarrassment about that, because old heads never do. And it also means that when LeBron raps his favorite songs, he often absolutely butchers the lyrics.

Here are three examples of such times.

LeBron tries to rap 6lack, and fails… or does he?

Bruh. We know LeBron likes his music, but didn’t know it was to the point where he feels comfortable changing the lyrics!

“Yabadabadodobo old navy” is really one of the wildest lyrics one can imagine, but LeBron says it with supreme confidence.

Is that because he is one of the best athletes to ever walk the Earth? Or does it simply come down to the fact that he is approaching old head territory and just doesn’t care?

It’s probably both, but LeBron’s confidence in butchering the lyrics even caused 6lack to double-check.

LeBron tries to rap Pop Smoke

The topic of LeBron butchering the lyrics in his favorite songs does not stop there. Pop Smoke’s “For the Night” caused LeBron to slip up again, but this time in consecutive bars.

Pop Smoke’s cadence can be understood by most people. He’s no Young Thug, or Playboi Carti, or even Lil Baby for that matter, also on the song. Nonetheless, LeBron absolutely massacres the lyrics, but powers right through.

The “hey” and “uh” spoken with such confidence after he butchers the lyrics is not just hilarious, but also kind of impressive for LeBron.

We can all aspire to be so confident and perseverant in our tasks, however big or small. And when LeBron has new music and his favorite songs in front of him, we know we are going to get some good content out of it.

LeBron narrowly butchers Drake lyrics

LeBron is known to be good friends with Drake. Their relationship even stretches to the point where it seems LeBron acts as a bit of a big brother to Drake.

That still didn’t help LeBron from messing up his little brother’s lyrics though.

A simple mistake, and one that did not garner much attention, LeBron sings “coming home” instead of “going home.”

We’ve all made small mistakes like this before. And we wince or blush after. But not ‘Bron. He just powers though like mum’s the word.

But being so close to Drake, and hearing the exact same lyric before in the video, you’d think LeBron could get it right. But shit… he’s only the best or second best basketball player in all of recorded history. We’ll give him a pass.

A trip through LeBron’s favorite songs… Is he truly a hip hop historian?

LeBron may yet be a proven hip hop historian. He called himself as such on his own, The Shop, when Drake made a guest appearance. He also clearly knows his older rap.

He’s also obviously been name-dropped in a bevy of rap songs. In some he even served as the entire inspiration behind it. But that doesn’t mean it was a certainty he’d memorize the lyrics…

LeBron has even dabbled with his own rap before, but being it was his own creation, he did not absolutely butcher the lyrics like John Travolta at an Oscars.

LeBron is the content king. Not just for what he allows others to create about him with his sick highlights, but for what he shows his fans about his daily life.

The world wants to know what LeBron’s favorite songs are. They want to know what music LeBron likes, how he sounds rapping, and noticeably recently, how he can absolutely butcher lyrics.

But it is all, of course, in good fun. LeBron does seem to have some merit as a hip hop historian, and 2 Chainz’s word holds more weight than just about anyone else’s.

The content world got stronger when fans noticed LeBron butchering rap lyrics. We appreciate the kings and queens who pick up on these things, and we thank them for a laugh. As LeBron would say, Strive for Greatness everyone.

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