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Is Kanye just being Kanye or is he in the Sunken Place for real, for real?

Kanye’s mind can vividly paint sounds onto an audio canvas. His lyrics hit the sonic soul, but his recent Tweets have mentally irked me.

From Justin Bieber to The Weeknd, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Kendrick Lamar, some of music’s biggest stars unfollowed Kanye on Twitter yesterday, so I guess the feeling is mutual.

Still, we have to worry about our big brother because he is fucking on one. We can only hope that his recent social media actions are a promotion for all the music the DONDA designer plans to drop in the upcoming months.

It could even be his narcissistic ways taking hold of him again. Two years ago Kanye ranted on Twitter and it caused the same shit storm that’s stirring now.

Optimistically thinking, I hope that after he drops his two albums, there are social media posts with Kanye laughing at the MAGA supporters and yelling a big fat PSYCHE to the camera.

Still, we can think whatever. Most will assume the constructs of Kanye’s mind are in the ‘Sunken Place.’

Is Kanye in the Sunken Place? 😭😯🙄

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Kanye’s denial of even existing in a lost realm of reality proves this. He took pictures of his of his crib trying to verify that he’s not in the Sunken Place.

At least his denial inspired Jordan Peele. Due to Kanye’s mad Twitter rant, we might have a Get Out 2 on the way.

Beyond his denial of existing within our realm of reality, lest not forget to mention the  Trump and MAGA endorsements. Kanye has gone off the deep end and he has openly made a huge cultural shift.

Many claims of Kanye being brainwashed by the Kardashians have surfaced, and Yeezy fans can’t help but agree. Seeing this transformation of the ‘New Slave’ to ‘KKKanye’ is absolutely disturbing.

You should know that Donald Trump and his son Trump Jr. took to Twitter to acknowledge the MAGA praisings. Like this is not cool!

Trump Jr. agreed with Kim K’s defense of her hubby’s recent political party switch up.

Fuck man, doesn’t it feel like you’re getting sucked down to the Sunken Place with Kanye? Weirdly enough Chance the Rapper had to throw in his two cents. Shockingly he claimed that “Black people don’t have to be Democrats,” via Twitter.

It makes no sense as the Chicago rapper and Obama fuck with another heavy. Plus, as a Black man, how could you ever support a party that has openly discriminated against African-Americans and other races on several occasions.

Not only has open racial discrimination been a controversial subject surrounding the Elephant Party, but so has denial of female’s right to contraception and non-belief in global warming.

Like how could you be Black Republican? Coughs ‘Uncle Tom.’

I mean Kanye if you’re not going to listen to your fans and ex-supporters at least to your longtime friend John Legend. My guy had some words of wisdom for you over texts that you screenshotted and posted on Twitter.

At this point, Kanye’s response to JL’s reach out should’ve been expected. At least JL had time to plug his new single.

To further prove that Kanye has lost touch with the real, he claimed that Obama didn’t do anything for Chicago while he was president. That’s simply not true.

Has Kanye never heard of the Obama Foundation or My Brother’s Keeper, both which were started while Obama was still president. Don’t ever speak down on Obama’s name. He’s done more for his community in Chicago than you and that’s facts.

Enough said. We have to see how this plays out.

For now, smoke a fat geezer to calm those nerves. I know I’m not the only one anxious to see what comes of Kanye’s sunken fuckery.

It’s so fucking confusing.