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Is Drake the real MVP of the Finals? Breaking down his troll tactics vs. the Warriors

Drake has been a fixture court-side throughout the NBA post-season, often acting outrageously — and sometimes even inappropriately — in support of his Raptors (he is their “global ambassador”).

He has also gleefully trolled the stars of the Warriors, wearing referential outfits; exchanging words with players and posting incessantly on social media.

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For example, after Game 1, he posted on Instagram that he was offering “Steph Curry Hair Lint” on e-bay with the username “DraymondShouldntWear23.” His latest victim was Green again, with the rapper Instagramming a picture of a past questionable fashion choice by Green after a Game 4 Raptors win.

Not to be outdone, the Warriors have responded with some shade of their own.

With so much back-and-forth pettiness, it’s hard to keep up. Here is a definitive account of Drake’s feuds with the Warriors throughout this NBA Finals.

1. Drake calls Draymond Green “Trash” after Game 1

Sporting a Dell Curry Raptors jersey, Drake seemed to yell “trash” at Green following the Raptor’s 118-109 win in Game 1.

In a post-game conference, Green seemed irritated with a question about Drake and clarified that their interaction was not a “scuffle,” since that would require them actually getting physical.

Draymond later came to Drake’s defense, calling the hype around their exchange an “overreaction.” Green pointed to Drake’s superstar status as the reason for the heightened attention surrounding their beef.

“I think so many people make a big deal out of it. It is what it is… He’s a fan. He talks, and it gets more attention because he’s Drake. So many people are complaining about it, like, ‘You don’t let any other fan do that.’ Yeah, any other fan is just not Drake, so they probably shouldn’t be able to do that. That’s just kind of how the cookie crumbles.”

He added, “He’s worked his ass off to be who he is. I think we all know when you do that, you get more leash than others. I think there’s so much talk, and the NBA needs to — no, they don’t. He worked to be who he is. You should get more leash. But I don’t mind it. It’s fun for me,” brushing off their exchange.

2. Draymond then trolls Drake by tearing an OVO sweatshirt in the streets of Toronto

Two can play at this game, Drake.

3. Drake wears a “Where’s Kevin?” t-shirt to Game 2

Drake, of course, has been making petty fashion statements throughout the post-season, and Game 2 was no different.

He sported a t-shirt featuring Home Alone‘s Kevin McAllister, with the word “Kevin?!?” on the back, a reference to KD’s absence throughout the playoffs due to injury.

In a fun twist, Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin in the 1990 classic, responded to the outfit.

It should be noted that during these finals, Drake, the ultimate bandwagon fan, has had to wear an armband throughout the finals to cover up his “30 gifted” and “35 snipe” tattoos dedicated to Steph Curry and KD.

His beef with KD dates back to at least 2016, when Drake bumped into the small forward during a post-game interview, following a 127-121 Warriors win over the Raptors. KD subsequently told reporters “I don’t give a damn about no Drake night.”

4. Klay Thompson said he wouldn’t be listening to some of Drake’s music

In a press conference before the start of the Finals, the small forward said he would be skipping “Hotline Bling.” Thompson said he was in ‘kill mode’ before the games, and seemed to imply that “Hotline Bling” was too slow or “soft” to get him hyped.

He noted that not all Drake songs were banned: “if it’s a bad song I’ll skip it. But if it’s one of his hits, I’ll play it.” Ouch!

When Thompson got a tech in Game 1, Drake smirked and made a gesture of talking on the phone, a clear reference to “Hotline Bling.”

5. The Warriors play “Story of Adidon” before Game 3

While Steph Curry warmed up, the Warriors played Pusha T’s Drake diss track — the one that revealed that Drake had secretly fathered a son, named Adonis, with Sophie Brussaux, a French painter and former “adult movie” star.

Drake would later confirm the rumors with his own song, “March 14,” where he lamented not having a “family unit” with the mother of his child.

Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks’ owner Wes Edens, had previously worn a Pusha T t-shirt to Game 5 between the Raptors and the Bucks. Drake responded by posting this Instagram story of her and making her face his profile picture.

6. Drake Posts a meme of Klay Thompson after Game 3

After the Raptor’s Game 3 win over the Warriors, which Thompson sat out due to injury, Drake posted on his Instagram story.

It’s an old picture Klay with multiple women, which honestly doesn’t really seem like too much of a roast.

7. The Six God loves watching Green getting T’d up in Game 5

In the last game, Drake seemed to delight in the 2016-2017 Defensive Player of the Year getting a technical foul for arguing a call in the second quarter, jumping out of his seat and fist-pumping wildly in Green’s direction.

His sixth technical foul of the post-season, Green is now just one away from being suspended from the finals.

With Game 6 back at Oracle Arena, will Drake make an appearance (and another pointed fashion statement)? Or will he sit this one out?