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Invest like your pops: Rally Rd. is the app for 20-somethings to make bread

This isn’t your dad’s stock market.

As prices on rare sneakers fluctuate like the stock market, as developed by StockX, so do the prices of vintage cars, brought to you by the Rally Rd. platform.

Started by three life-long friends and entrepreneurs, with an interest in collectible car culture, Rally Rd. is an app that allows users to invest in shares of vintage assets.

All Images by Katrine Moite for Rally Rd.provided by Rally Rd. in Soho, NY location


You may be into sneakers and would love to be a professional reseller. However, your parents might have had the same interest in jewelry, baseball cards, vintage cars, and valuable trading cards. Collecting valuables has always been apart of America’s past time.

Truthfully, they are the “Supreme” investment, increasing in value over years of maintenance.

1970 Gold Rolex Beta 21

For Generations to Come

Rally Rd. is capitalizing on the opportunity to democratize asset investment, allowing Millenials to benefit from this:

1988 Michael Jordan Game Worn Sneakers

“One of the reasons the younger generation isn’t as engaged with traditional investments is that they see it as totally unrelated to their hobbies and passions. To them, investing in the stock market or an index isn’t fun or engaging – it’s a chore and something you’re “supposed to do.”

Bleu Saphir Lizard Hermés Birkin Bag

“Rally flips the status quo by being the first platform where members can invest directly in the things they are passionate about. Whether it’s a vintage Rolex, a Birkin bag or Michael Jordan game-worn sneakers. Now, they can buy a piece of history while also investing in something they care about.”

Legitimate Business

1982 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Investors can own shares of a blue-chip collectible, Lamborghini Diablo, all owned by Rally Rd through a subsidiary company, RSE Collection, LLC or RSE Archive, LLC.

Working just like any SEC (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission) approved trading platform, Rally Rd. provides a safe place to invest in cool items you don’t necessarily want to own, unlike a StockX.

Initial trades are alerted on your phone through the Rally Rd. application for first-time offerings for researched and curated asset items, with proven provenance and certifications to ensure their legitimacy.

There is a trading window to buy or sell shares, potentially selling all shares in an ‘ASK’ or how much shares they would like to ‘BID’ in order to increase their position on an asset, with shares starting at around $50.

Invest in Yourself and Get in The Game

The museum walls

Rally Rd. allows for anyone over the age of 18 to invest money into a $10 billion market. Contracted through the app as a responsible investor and pledging to not risk more than 10 percent of their net worth, 20 something’s can now invest in vintage cars like they do t-shirts and sneakers.

More recently, the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie Card was valued at $132,000, split into 1,000 shares, and offered to investors at $132 per share, last month.

This item and others can currently be found in their museum showroom space, auspiciously named “This Belongs in A Museum,” located in Soho, Manhattan (250 Lafeyette st.) on display for viewing.

Here you can find out more about the Rally Rd. culture.

1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

Investing is a slow and steady process, unlike the sneaker culture, where you can increase the value on your acquired, rare, asset the moment you purchase it and let your following know that you’re re-selling that asset.

Rally Rd. is a place to learn the long-game on the ‘flip’ and initiate your true investor culture.


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