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Instagram is down? How creatives can survive the next outage

Instagram is down? A question many businesses asked themselves today as Facebook took a major L. Creatives panicked and the Ethans of the world didn’t know what or where to go to live stream.

Instagram (and by extension its parent company Facebook) is one of the primary ways that creatives have their work discovered by others online.

However, starting sometime around noon on Monday, Oct. 4, the platform went dark.


The company experienced its biggest service outage in years while also under fire for concealing and misconstruing information regarding hate on their platforms. SUS.

Here are some other options for creatives to share their works and solidify their legacies online. 

1. Own your provenance on the blockchain


The blockchain has changed the way we consume and digest content. As we move towards web 3.0, it’s important that as creatives you stay in tune with platforms that allow for the distribution of your works outside of social media.

NFTs have changed the way creatives can create portfolios on the web. Platforms like Artiva allow digital creators to curate their own storefronts. From music to photography possibilities on the blockchain are endless. If you are a writer apps like mirror and sigle have made way for a new way to blog.

2. Start a blog about what you’re working on 


Creating an independent blog to host and showcase your content not only means you’re independent of social media apps like Instagram, it also gives you more creative freedom on how you would like to display your work.

Most blog sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, or Squarespace are also free or low cost, so it can prove to be a great investment in yourself and your work. 

It’s time to stop relying on whether Instagram is down or not and create your readership.

3. So what? Instagram is down. Build an exclusive community around your work


If you create an audience that is willing to seek out your work, then no IG blackout will be able to stop you.

Creating hype around your art not only allows you to share your work directly with people who are looking for it, but it also lets you interact directly with a community of other super cool creators.

Creators are taking over discord and Twitch by creating their own communities around exclusive drops and sessions. Like Kenny Beats create a space that’s exclusively yours and dominate it.

It lets people receive your work and form connections with works directly from you and is not dependent on if Instagram is down.