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Instagram baddie Abigail Ratchford explains how she finesses $170K a year

For many women, being bad is most definitely a double-edged sword.

On one hand, dudes are always hotboy around you tryna get at you or send you mad dick pics but on the other hand, women who are able to finesse it can end up getting a lot of free shit. Then there are those who are extra savvy with it and actually make a living off of it.

To those women who are able to harness their badness and convert it into a career, we salute you. You’ve recognized opportunity and capitalized on that shit.

One of those women is 25-year-old Abigail Ratchford from Scranton, Pennsylvania who recently shared her story with the New York Post about how she went from working three jobs getting paid less than $600 a week to making up to $170k a year finessing brands and dudes.

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Like most young women today, Abigail started by hating her day job as a paralegal saying,

“I was thinking that there had to be more to life than this hamster wheel that I was on.”

She knew she wanted more and thanks to some connections to a dope photographer, took some very poppin’ bikini shots that got her noticed by some of the big blogs.

The domino effect is a motherfucker and soon her following jumped from 300,000 to a hot million in a week. She quickly signed with a talent agency that started bringing in deals with different brands to promote different products and boom. She was out here.

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Today with nearly 8 million followers, she makes up to $6,000 per promoted post. She broke it down for the Post saying,

“For every million [followers], you can charge up to $1,500 a post,”

Now imagine a Kim K who has 102 million followers. Sheeeeesh!

This has also opened many revenue streams for Abigail including other shoots she gets paid for and that led to her starting her own internal brand, selling her own products, and even a calendar which made $120,000 last year.

Partnering with a company who now runs her site, she takes away 70 percent of all profits ensuring that she can make even more.

As she continues to grow her brand, she also knows her audience, which is obviously a lot of college dudes. She gears her products and marketing towards them specifically and it’s yielding results FO SHO. Abigail is really treating this like a science. She said,

“I like taking selfies [while] laying on my stomach so you can get a good butt angle, too,”

Being one of the most recognizable models on Instagram today, she now gets to chill with all of the celebs she can think of from Drake to Diddy. Even Kanye noticed her and asked her to pose for his coffee table book Zina.

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By partnering with other Insta models, she’s even helping push the brands of new up and comers to the Instagram finesse game. And judging by her interview with the Post, this is something she’s totally cool with everyone knowing about.

Abigail already posted her 10 secrets to making millions on IG to Entrepreneur. She could realistically teach a class on this shit if she wanted!

So besides making millions of dollars and doing whatever she wants, what’s her end goal in all of this? She’s ready to go beyond just the booty selfies and be known for more saying,

‘I want to be a household name [for] beauty stuff, lingerie products and clothing. I wanna be respected by people in the industry.’

At this point she doesn’t even need Instagram to be poppin’. She’s established her brand and is now a part of the fabric of this culture. There’s an army of dudes following her every move and that’s when you know you have a consumer down pat.