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Inside the PnB Rock movement: How his whole team bossed up with him

We all know how it feels to be low in life.

But greatness is all about how you’re able to bounce back from that low point and rise above it. The biggest key is having the right team to push forward.

Everyone wants to move up to that boss status but it takes hard work that no one will ever see. Artists like PnB Rock might make it look easy, flexing their chains and cars, but most of his fans don’t have a clue how he got there. It goes way deeper than streams, downloads, and tours.

The beauty behind success is really within the journey — how you did it and who you did it with. Since joining Rock and the New Lane squad on tour, I’ve learned a lot about the man PnB Rock is and the movement he’s created.

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Rock was one of four siblings and is genuinely one of the least selfish people I’ve come across. Most everybody he brought on tour came from his block in Philly and now that’s the same team that surrounds him as he takes the next big steps in his career.

He looks out for everyone before himself and makes sure there’s good vibes around no matter what he’s going through.

I experienced this a little over two weeks ago on one of the first stops of the Catch These Vibes tour when Rock went trudging out in the snow just for some medicine. He was already exhausted from performing and sick to the point his voice was basically gone, but still wanted to get it himself instead of just sending someone else out. That’s real, a lot of artists wouldn’t do something even as small as that.

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The photo shows Rock’s “little” cousin Nahmir, PnB Rock, then DJ Stacks (from left to right) walking side by side as if they were brothers.

Everyone on tour plays a role and the underlying theme is family, bottomline. And that’s what separates PnB Rock from a lot of artists, he treats everyone that way. We didn’t even end up getting the medicine Rock needed because he wanted to get drippy on skates real quick, and of course blessed everyone’s passes.

You get the feeling that PnB Rock is genuinely grateful for what he has and that motivates him to spread his success. Most people in his position might end up letting their ego get the best of them, but Rock just won’t let himself get there. In every city of his tour, he’s made it known that he was once HOMELESS and in prison. Now look at him. That’s what a strong work ethic and staying humble does for you.

There was no hope. There was no plan. Rock worked with the hand he was dealt and came out victorious. And even more than that, put himself in a position to build his homies up too. I talked to one of his closest boys, PnB Leemo, who was in jail during Rock’s rise to fame. I asked him how it feels being where he is now versus being there even before the music.

PnB Leemo told me,

“All of this is a new experience to me, like everybody knows I just came home from doing 6 years so everybody knows I missed when Rock was a struggling artist to the point where he is now. But everything’s a blessing; it just feels good to be home and seeing a n*gga I knew came from the mud, a n*gga I seen come from nothing, come from being homeless. Now to see where he is now, it’s just a blessing and I know he’s going to open doors for everybody – he’s going to open doors for the whole gang.”

There was nothing but gratitude when we spoke, which told me a lot about what Rock even means to his crew. He’s more than family — he’s someone who’s single handedly changed their lives and for that, they’re all grateful. And they show it with their loyalty.

Everyone with Rock now was with him before the fame, before the money, and before he even had a place to stay. Now, every city chants his name when he steps in the building — and his team’s right there with him like they never left.

Like I said, we’ve all experienced the struggle, but how you bounce back is what defines you. With his back against the wall, PnB Rock made no excuses and created something special for himself and his team.

Now he’s uplifting his entire city in Philly and inspiring his people. It’s something not many artists can accomplish.

Rock’s career isn’t just solidified because of his music, but because the love and respect people have for him. No one’s going to forget about the artist that came from nothing and put an entire city on his back, and this is only the beginning.

These are the stories we remember forever.

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