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Insane or nah? Meet the Black father homeschooling his children with guns

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Written in 1779 by our slave-owning, land-grabbing, and musket-holding forefathers, this amendment seems to take precedence over all things controversial in 2018.

School shootings and musical festival slaughters fill the headlines as we cluelessly scramble in search of a way to combat this archaic way of thinking while trying to arm ourselves with lethal weapons.

One man is taking matters into his own hands and is educating his four children on how he thinks they should greet the world. Derrick Grace II has created a curriculum for those who are willing to “Un-learn and Re-learn.”

“They can take your possessions but they can’t take your mind.”

Viewed in the above nine-minute video, over one million times, are the eldest of Grace’s kids, Derrica and Derrick III. The decision to homeschool his children doesn’t come out of left field either.

Before Grace became conscious of his “Unlearn and Re-Learn” curriculum, his childhood was very different than his children’s while growing up in Tampa, FL. Grace was always getting into trouble — burning stuff, breaking into cars and smoking cigarettes when he was only 9.

Still, he has never been a huge fan the current school system. Grace feels like “regular” schooling fails to focus on what he thinks his children really need. This includes tactical weapon training and identification.

And a financial education through “In-Home” banking classes

Are you getting any Huey Newton vibes? Low key, this is very Black Panther-esque.

Besides his four children who are just following their father’s guidance, Grace has managed to gain close to a quarter million worth of disciples on IG, ten thousand plus YouTube subscribers, three thousand Twitter followers, and over 100K Facebook supporters.

Not to mention his hashtag #TattedMentor, where if searched you will find a ton of IG videos and pictures. Most are of him preaching his unusually intellectual curriculum to the world. Adding to his large following and hashtag, Grace is also a number one selling author, flips the curriculum, and gives lectures all over the States.

To me, guns equal violence no matter what the situation but the American school system is also wild trash, so I’m definitely on the fence here. What’d be interesting is to hear your thoughts on Grace’s curriculum.

Is it hot-boy or the way of the future?

@mygracetribe and myself chuckle daily… the majority of negative comments and assumptions come from people who have never been outside. Never been shot, shot anyone, or seen flesh burn firsthand. Just movies, television, and simulated laser tag. Before you open your face about the Goddess standing next to me, you might want to fact check. She’s frontlined real pressure with me… Pressure that we weren’t looking for but it found us. So yeah, plus we live in America. Most people judging would panic along with their children during a fire alarm or hurricane. Her little Uzi is a must 🤣 For those ready, Vol 2 of the “Parent/Child” curriculum covers such or we can continue to act like Mr. Rogers lives on our block 🔚 #unlearnandrelearn #tattedmentor #godsamongstmen #mygracetribe

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