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Industry titans and culture icons: How Drake and LeBron make it work

In the totality of their efforts, Drake and LeBron James are two superstars intimately related, sharing the stage and prospering together as two friends.

Think about the two biggest stars in their respective industries. Two stars that hold perhaps the biggest sway because of their talents and business acumens.

Two superstars that have been in the limelight for close-to two decades, and are still performing at peak-level. And they just happen to be friends.

Now is that purely because they both have such significant respect for one another? Well yes, but that only scratches the surface. Drake and LeBron work together because they both know what the other one has dealt (and still deals) with, and in that there is no truer connection.

A mutual respect

Drake and LeBron’s relationship is a fascinating case study because there are few people in the world that know what early, and prolonged, fame feels like. Both in their mid-30’s and stars long before the smartphone era, Drake and LeBron work because they both understand each other, and understand each other like few people on the entire planet can.

Much like the undeniable similarities between Kobe and Kanye, Drake and LeBron are a match because they respect what the other one has done and continues to do, and in the latter case, they happen to be great friends because of it.

Assist men

It is not just in their social circumstances that make Drake and LeBron alike. It is also in their respective trailblazing crafts. Much like LeBron pushing the ball ahead in transition, head up, eyeing the open man and dishing it out for a game-clinching three, Drake sets his teammates up for success all the same.

Drake is a superstar when he’s scoring, when he’s releasing his own singles and mapping out exactly what sound can be popping at any specific time, but he’s also perhaps the greatest assist man in the music industry.

You want big numbers? Hit up Drake. You need a hot single before the full album gets released to drive up engagement? Get Drake on the phone. And even without being asked, Drake will deliver a gem to you if you’re ready. Just think of how he put Lil Durk on Laugh Now Cry Later in a position to succeed… genius.

The way that LeBron and Drake can both put up 40 essentially whenever they want is undeniably impressive. But the way that both of them don’t feel they need to — and even more — would be helping out their teams more by elevating the play and confidence of those teammates, speaks to greatness.

Setting a tone

Another thing that ties Drake and Bron together in their pursuit for — and accomplishment of — greatness, is the environment they create all around them. The two superstars are comfortable in their own skin, and therefore it makes those around them more comfortable.

If I have a question for Bron about this zone coverage, I feel more comfortable coming to him because he is always ready to learn more about the game and dissect it. He trusts his teammates to make big shots, and when they don’t, we move on to the next one together.

Similarly, if I have a question for Drake, either about my music or about my brand, I can trust that he knows what he’s talking about because he’s lived it. And he’s willing to pass on vital information because he’s not afraid of anybody taking his crown. King shit.

Past moments together

Drake famously brought LeBron and Travis Scott out for one of his shows last year.

And, on episode two of LeBron and Uninterrupted’s The Shop, Drake spoke of his viral feud with Pusha-T and Kanye. Opening up about the situation for the first time in depth publicly, Drake clearly gave prominence to his friend’s platform, and felt comfortable enough alongside Bron and Maverick Carter to speak about such personal issues publicly.

Drake of course released Forever in 2008, along with Ye, Eminem, and Lil Wayne, as a single for the soundtrack to James’ More Than a Game documentary.

While most likely seeing each other as pure equals, Drake and Bron’s engagement speaks to more of a little brother, big brother dynamic. Bron is a couple years older, he’s been in the limelight a couple more years; it would only be natural for Drake to lean on him sometimes.

And as every older sibling knows, there is always a time where the elder needs the younger’s advice too.

Drake and LeBron are comfortable in their own skin to the point where they are constantly putting other people on, other businesses on, even entire f****** cities on. The innovation they provide is nearly unrivaled, except with one another.

And the inspiration they provide for countless minds across the world, and for each other, is a beautiful thing to witness. If Drake and Bron have taught us anything, it’s that you must always strive for greatness. And then never take that greatness for granted.