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In the mind of Mia Ayana, the up-and-coming singer chasing her dreams

Mia Ayana is a singer with bright, loving eyes who carries a thoughtful, extensive vocal range.

Since she’s from Mississippi, her sound is rooted in the heart of the South. It’s rich, soulful, empowering, and grips onto the hearts of those who listen.

Often, however, Ayana’s crooning wavers between soft and raspy riffs but it depends on the subject at hand. Rather than being at war with a lover (or anyone for that matter), she opts for being their peace.

Besides this, Ayana carries a calm aesthetic that transfers over with every listen.


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The basis of her lyrics speaks about being at one with self. Ayana said:

“I’m trying to inspire and uplift people to be comfortable being themselves. I’m not perfect by society’s standards but I am myself and that’s how everyone should live. People can’t do anything but respect that.”

Some might also add that Ayana’s music is food for the soul, “I’m aiming to bring back the vibes of Classic R&B, so my music reflects that.”

To her R&B music is in a pretty good place right now and she thinks her music style fits the climate that the genre is moving towards. Growing up in Mississippi, Ayana sang in church… on the school bus, and anywhere else she could mold her voice into what it is today.


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It’s a little raspy, soft but soulful…and I feel you can hear my pain. Or happiness, or a sense of defeat through my songs. I’m trying to bring a different sound and view of where I come from through my music.” Ayana said.

Mia Ayana describes herself as a bubbly introverted lover of music whose goal is to change the world with her voice. Ultimately, Ayana is a proud product of Mississippi and thinks it makes up the bulk of who she is.

Her parents named her Mia, after her grandmother, Mary, because once upon a time Mia was a surname for Mary. Ayana is Ethiopian and means “beautiful flower.”


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Her name sets the tone of the morals and values she holds close to her heart. Ayana’s dad is a black history buff who inspired her to dig deeper into figuring out her origins and so forth.

“Mia Ayana stands for my history and all who came before me and how I’m taking that history and modernizing it in a way that inspires generational wealth in my family for years to come.”

Ayana’s music journey started in church. Before, she was a shy kid who never wanted to lead any songs because she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. But she loved to sing.

And while it was apparent to others, she couldn’t break out of her shell. Growing up, Ayana’s brother made beats daily, wrote beautiful songs, both R&B and hip-hop/rap. While the noise was a lot to handle, it jump-started her writing.

Earlier on, she realized her ability to communicate feelings through words. And it just made her feel good. So her singing capabilities from church mixed with a new writing skill created a blossoming artist who is hoping to pursue her dreams full-time one day.

But Ayana didn’t delve into making music until her grandmother passed in 2015. In the weeks of her passing, Ayana’s grandmother told her that she had to do something… had to be big.

“I’m sure she didn’t know how much that would impact me. But it was a driving force to begin this path.”


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In 2018, Ayana had an epiphany that forced her to make a plan, to make the vision in her head reality. Now, Ayana says that she’s just maneuvering as an underground artist and figuring out the industry.

Since then, Ayana has traveled from Mississippi to Seattle and Chicago to Las Vegas, all within a year. Ayana has performed gigs across Las Vegas since November and was a featured artist at Hot 97’s “Who’s Next?” Pre-summer Jam showcase in May.

For Hot 97’s “Who’s Next?” Pre-summer Jam showcase, Ayana was representing the ladies. Initially, Ayana was shocked, to say the least. When she was selected, Ayana had only been pursuing music for about six months with a few shows here and there.

But nothing was as extreme as performing at the S.O.B.’s.


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Many of the artists she heard of before, hit that stage and their big break came, so it was a crazy moment for Ayana. It was also when she first realized that her music wasn’t just good to herself.

Other people liked it too! Needless to say, this experience helped her grow as a live performer and helped her realize where she stood as an artist. She’s using this moment to groom herself into the artist she wants to be.

Her latest project, Far from Home is a tribute to Ayana’s hometown. She comes from a place called Wren, Mississippi, a land of limited opportunity and lost stolen dreams. The project describes her journey while living and growing up there as a child, adolescent, and young adulthood.
It also speaks about being at a tug-and-war with self-pride and the trials she dealt with before leaving the only home she’s ever known.

Ayana further explained,

Far From Home is an ode to all the dreamers in Mississippi who feel that by pursuing their dreams, they’re somehow letting themselves down. It’s a testament to everything I aspire to do for my community.”


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Mia Ayana’s “Say It” allows a love interest to have the floor. As one common expression goes, actions speak loud… Rather than sweeping his feelings under the rug, she’d like for him to take initiative.

And even though Ayana can read between the lines, she wants him to start this new chapter by speaking his mind. Additionally, the songstress says that she’ll be his peace (even when he’s at war with himself.)

In the technicalities of singing, Ayana shows a range of rich, soulful riffs and listeners hang on to her every word. The beat, however, is shimmery and draws from contemporary R&B.

Listening to “Say It” you can hear how sincere Ayana is. Through a light approach in vocal play, Ayana assures that she’s nonjudgmental and will take her love interest as they are.

Starting with a magnetic harmony, “Potential” takes on a dark, somber-ish R&B beat that’s induced with light riffs and emotionally-moving lyrics.

Executed to the tee, Ayana sings with passion about a distant lover who does wrong by her. Delving into a light, bouncy, extensive note range, she says in this one line, “I try to ease the pain you’ll never change and knowing now you know too/Why would you fill me with lies?”

This only proves that she stood by them despite their uncivil ways. The reason Ayana stays, to begin with, is reasonable. She thought he’d eventually treat her how she’s treated him. But slowly she sees that it’ll never be reciprocated.

For instance, this line speaks volumes:

“You can ease my mind and take me high, but never save me.”

All in all, “Potential” lets loose about the pain she felt with a lover who refused to air his dirty laundry. Given this, she tried to give him a clean slate but he wasn’t reluctant to be her peace. Another notable phrase tied to her introvert ways can be found within the song as well.

In The End” upholds a somber R&B tone that’s supported by soulful riffs and 808s. Ayana’s lover has her on an emotional roller coaster yet she can’t seem to let them go. Leaning in, you can hear her sincerity and feel the pain.

Ayana stays because of this, “I tried to cling to everything we had before.” She then continues with, “no, I don’t mean to make you feel insecure but I can’t teach you what you choose to ignore.”

Before the songstress envisioned a happy ever after but now, she realizes that it doesn’t end here. As the track moves forward, Ayana admits that she feels so much better without him.

Instead of dwelling, Ayana takes it as a lesson learned and continues living life to the fullest. Being underappreciated can take a toll on anyone!

The last straw was when her lover brought their unfaithful ways to light. While she’s aware that her loves will bluff and say they’re better off without her, Ayana has to do what’s best for her (no matter how much it hurts.)

“In The End” gives women faith to bask in self-worth. It subtly says to ditch that penny and find a dime piece. One who will treat you the way you treat them.

On the other hand, “Lullaby” comes as a courtesy when being one’s peace of mind. This comes about because of the assurance this love brings.

A notable line would be when Ayana says, “I see in your eyes, no more questions/Love is alive and I’m a witness/You took the beauty inside and you caressed it.”

Since they treat her right, she wants to reciprocate this feeling. The love Ayana feels is like none other. Ultimately, Ayana is down to ride till she dies, for the road trips, and other rendezvous.

If they’re stressed, Ayana would like to be the one who takes the load off. Life can get hectic, after all. She further suggests that the two can even look at the stars.

By no means, do her lovers need to spend a fortune on her because the simple things are most pleasurable. Ayana decides to use a light, thoughtful vocal pattern to express herself.

Beat-wise, “Lullaby” uses elements from a guitar, piano and 808. The rhythm is bright, playful and lets Ayana shed some light on how she’ll be the best they’ve ever had.

It is safe to say this song is R&B inspired as well. By the three-minute mark, “Lullaby” dies down and Ayana breaks these words in a soulful manner “let me be your lullaby.”

Closing off Far From Home is well…”Far From Home.”

The beginning of this track sounds like a slowed-down version of Rayvn Lenae’s “Free Room” because of the piano’s short note progression.

Afterward, “Far From Home” lets a low-hitting 808 and snap seep in. Throughout the song, Ayana reminisces on her times at home that correlates with unforgettable moments and big dreams.

In an airy, soulful note range and riffs, Ayana also speaks about instances where she’d say “I want to make it out someday, hear the people say my name.”

Now, with all of the success, she finds herself searching for nostalgia and sometimes homesick. In simpler terms, Ayana is “Far From Home.”

But no matter how far, Ayana will always see lights shining from “The Magnolia State.” As the track moves forward, the songstress says “I can see hear the crowd, but I can’t see you now/How did I let you down?”

During her interview with Ms. Nisey Baby, Ayana says Far From Home holds significance because it was the last time she spoke to her grandmother.

So, it can be assumed that the second half of “Far From Home” is about this special woman as well.

Listen to Mia Ayana’s Far From Home below: