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In honor of Mental Health Day, here’s 11 tracks that will keep you up

Word to Bob Marley when he said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” From early on Bob knew that music can be the ultimate form of therapy.

Music has helped many people, including myself, get through their most difficult times. It touches your heart in the cleanest and purest way. That’s every “talented” artist’s goal when they’re making music – to touch your soul.

An artist’s lyrics can relate to a predicament you’re in, aid you in seeing true emotion, and keep you grounded. There are a couple of songs that have saved my life in ways you would never imagine.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, I would like to share some of the songs with you that helped me get through this arduous journey called life. I hope these songs will help you the same way they helped me.

Peep these 11 songs that will ease the mental pain.

Mac Miller & The Internet – “Objects in the Mirror”

This song is a refreshing taste of life. Mac reminds you that life is precious and that all your troubles in the world should be left in the rearview mirror.

“Objects in the Mirror” helped me get through bad breakups, insecurities about past mistakes, and reminded me how precious life is.

Post Malone – “Too Young”

Post Malone says it all in the hook for me on this one.

I don’t wanna die too young, too young, too young
Counting bands, hallelujah, ‘lujah, ‘lujah
I don’t wanna die too young, too young, too young
I’ve been grindin’ way too long, too long, too long

Live life, be happy, and keep it moving. If you want that shit, go get that shit, and pop that shit. This life is too short and poppin’ to die too young.

Frank Ocean – “We All Try”

Nostalgia to me is Frank Ocean’s best project, every track relates to a situation that most have been through. But “We All Try” stood out to me the most. This is probably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Ocean recognizes the imperfections of humanity but reminds us that we are crafted in the likeness and image of a god.

Each human has their flaws but the important part is that we try to be the best we can be. He doesn’t believe that we are wicked, he knows that we sin, but he does believe we try.

Kid Cudi – “Day ‘N’ Nite”

If you’re stressed out or have anxiety, take a stroll and listen to this song. When this song dropped back in 2009 I was around 15 years old. I was young, stressed, and unaware of who I was.

I never knew the importance of freeing your mind, embracing the environment around you, and going with the flow. Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” taught me how.

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

As a young black man in America, you can imagine how much this song spoke to me. All of our lives we had to fight just to be considered a human being.

Even now we are reminded that we are still looked at as “niggers” as innocent Blacks die at the hand of police officers.

All the unjust killings had me angry. If it wasn’t for this song that reminds us that God got us and that we are going to be “alright’ I don’t know how I would have acted on my anger. So, thank you, Kendrick Lamar.

Isaiah Rashad – “4r Da Squaw”

“4r Da Squaw” spoke to me in many different ways. It kept it real and helped me be real with myself. Isaiah speaks of the fear of adulthood and being responsible. All of us young cats can relate.

One of the scariest parts of life is entering the midpoint of the transition between being a child and becoming an adult. Especially if you’re coming out of college and have loans or if you can’t find a job to take care of your expenses, it’s all the same.

Shit, some people have to grow up earlier than that. I have homies that have been on their own since 17.

Rashad reminds us that if we can balance our responsibilities within our daily lives that transition into adulthood can be much easier.

Lil Uzi Vert – “Money Longer”

One thing that will always motivate me when I’m down or in a funk is getting my money up. “Money Longer” reminded me of that.

Sometimes you just have to lock in and gear up into the savage mode. Once that is done according to Lil Uzi, cars will get faster and money will get longer.

Trust me on this everyone, once in awhile you have to hype yourself up. Grinding is a big part of having a stress free life, you can’t have one without the other.

The Internet – “Girl”

We all know relationships can cause a lot of stress and there are a lot of songs that relate to heartbreak. We’ve all been heartbroken at some point throughout our lives but what if you could avoid that? “Girl” to me is like a love manual.

The Internet does an amazing job about explaining what love is really worth. You should feel the same way that Syd feels about this girl or vice versa in whatever relationship you’re in.

If that’s not the case then you should really consider if that other person is causing you to be sad all of the time or is the reason why you are hurting. This song taught me how to love and how I should be loved.

Schoolboy Q – “Blessed”

The first time I heard this song I cried. Q reminds us that it could be much worse and there are people out there that are going through some real shit compared to whatever we’re going through.

“Blessed” stresses that you also have people around you that can and will help you. All you have to do is reach out and you’ll be surprised how many people will stick out their helping hand.

If you never heard this song and you’re going through some ish please listen to it. Don’t neglect the progress of a baby step.

Nipsey Hussle – “10 Toes”

“10 Toes” was my wake up alarm for a while. Trust me it did wonders for waking up inspired.

Lace up those sneakers and don’t be afraid to step into an unforgiving world. Wear your confidence on your chest and tackle every situation with your all.

If you’re feeling unmotivated Nipsey Hussle’s bars will always keep you going for what you want to achieve. Don’t stress homie.

Logic – “1-800-273-8255”

We are all humans with all of our own stresses and it’s important to talk to someone if you need to express how you really feel. It’s unhealthy to keep your pain locked inside.

When you feel like you’re about to lose yourself in a deep depression there’s always someone you can call. Logic reminds us that on “1-800-273-8255.” That number is the suicide prevention hotline.

If you relate to this song call that number now and live.