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Illegal Civilization pushes the boundaries of skateboarding coverage

Illegal Civilization is a skateboarding collective that grew from the concrete. The group’s efforts are a byproduct of the underground, and they fill the void that has long been open in terms of skateboarding recognition.

Illegal Civilization carries a certain type of unbothered disposition that makes it appealing and enticing. 

Illegal Civilization represents a culture of debauchery

Skateboarding and graffiti are seen much in the same realm and dismissed due to their raucous nature and association with debauchery.

Oftentimes, the members that comprise Illegal Civilization would skip school, smoke weed, and skate for hours. They were doing what teenagers do, but they sought out to make it monumental.

illegal civilization
Illegal Civilization stylized font (via Illegal Civ)

Mikey Alfred is the man who made it all possible with his fisheye lens and propensity to capture the obscene. Obscenities fly, bodies hit the floor and smooth tricks are all captured within the Illegal Civilization.

Illegal Civilization does not sugarcoat things

Mikey’s efforts are truly commendable because they showcase every angle of footage – not just the landings.

illegal civilization
Mikey Alfred firmly fixated within his element (via Hypebeast)

Within the social media era, we often post what we want people to see – the accomplishments, achievements, and facade of success. This is where Mikey stands on firm ground: he displays every bit of footage. The rawness of his work still separates him entirely

Illegal Civilization was born and bred via documentation. Sure, it wouldn’t be possible without the incredible groundwork laid via networking and countless hours of skate practice as well. But, without the savviness and ability to capture footage – none of their output would be available for consumption.

Illegal Civ grinds for the subculture to create something bigger than themselves

The idea for Illegal Civilization was conceived at Verdugo Skatepark in Glendale, CA.

This group set out to push the boundaries with defiance and rebellious nature. They sought to redefine the genre through sick tricks, defiance, and classic skating videos. IC managed to tackle all three of these and also took it from just plain videos to entire compilations.

nico hiraga
Nico Hiraga grinds at the top while donning flourescence (via Nylon)

The first compilation was held in the form of a viewing party and not many people showed up. Yet still, the buzz continued to build. The second compilation viewing party was held and the footage was filmed in New York.

“We were old enough to be alone, but young enough not to give a f***”

Mikey Alfred

The third compilation did not receive the response that was expected, so the group decided to move on from viewing parties and foray into the film industry. 

The group elevates its output and film capabilities

Mikey faced the hardest decision of his young career when he had to choose between going on the Flower Boy tour with Tyler the Creator or producing the skate film, Mid90s.

California skateboarding
Cali man grits and grinds while maintaining a snarl (PC: Ant Acosta)

He chose Mid90s and started to build very closely with cast members on set. Working on an official feature film made Mikey less regretful about the fact that he turned down an offer to work with Erica Silverman on the set of Palo Alto. Therefore, Mid90s provided a small victory for skateboarding and continued to push the subculture forward.

Look for Illegal Civilization to make a major splash in the film industry now that they have gathered their footing. Their next feature film is titled, North Hollywood and will delve into the trials and tribulations of becoming a pro skater.