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IG page ‘Mugshawtys’ is dedicated to the baddest chicks with mugshots

Been charged with any felonies lately?

If you have a sexy mugshot that you want to show off, now you can.

“Mugshawtys” is an Instagram page dedicated to the hottest women in the mugshot game.

There’s no deeper meaning here, it’s literally a page of your hottest criminals. Of course, their crimes vary; some are light like “failure to appear in court” and “loaning drivers license” but others are heavier crimes like “possession of two or more stolen credit cards” and “assault.”

loaning drivers license | stearns county, minnesota

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domestic assault (3rd degree)

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assault | stearns county, minnesota

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possession of marijuana

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The page can be used as a tool to educate you on the different types of crimes that occur on a regular basis.

One commenter writes, “What the fuck is larceny anyway?” under the mugshot of a Florida woman.

larceny | seminole county, florida

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obstructing a highway (and stopping traffic )

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Some are famous

Some women are even known for other ventures, such as Kathryn Dennis of the series Southern Charm.

“Wasn’t she on Doctor Who?” writes one commenter.

Some are pretty dark

First degree murder

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Many are unknown crimes

A good chunk of them don’t specify what they were in for. They just smile and look pretty for the police officer snapping the pic.

no info

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Some are not happy to be there

no info

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Some have rather unfortunate backstories

From user “xoblair:

“Tasha left Bath & Body Works and decided to make a quick stop at the boutique liquor store ‘Flow’. Upon exiting the parking lot, she made a right-on-red maneuver, but the Sweet Vanilla Bean lotion on her hands caused her to lose her grip on the steering wheel. Her Honda Fit smashed into a telephone pole, resulting in an entire city losing their land line phone connections. The arriving officer saw the Cruzan Mango Rum, and discovered her window tint was too dark. This series of events led to the image you see before you.”

And some know damn well what they were doing

Maybe we’ll see a page for their male counterparts come up soon?