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If you’ve never heard of Trumpy Bear, prepare to get dumb tight

President Trump, aka the Cheeto lord, aka the human cheese wheel, aka the fake leader of the free world, has turned into a 22-inch grizzly teddy bear.

This is not some kind of braze voodoo or black magic. No lie, the Trumpy Bear is real and was released by Texas company Exceptional Products back in October 2017. Since its debut, Trumpy Bear has made its way into commercials showing up on 10 different TV networks.

The commercial is unreal and showcases the most sus people you will ever see clutching a giant teddy bear with a toupee glued to its dome piece. Peep as a rough and tough biker shows off his stuffed animal on the handlebars of his motorcycle with no shame.

Catch a corny ass golfer pull up with the fakeness hoping that some of Trump’s teddy luck will rub off on his golf game. Homie looks like he’s on hole 19, you feel me.

If that won’t convince you to drop $40 bash or two payments of  $19.99 (broke boy) on the stuffed Trump teddy bear, maybe the white grandpa you never wanted holding on to the Trumpy Bear like his life depends on it will.

The Trumpy Dumpy Teddy fuck boy is unreal.

Can you imagine dropping your son or daughter off at their homies crib for a playdate and the first thing you see upon arrival is them gripping this thing?

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Ultimately, I would projectile vomit and my child is never going to little Adolf’s cribington again, ya digg.

It’s over. I don’t care how fluffy, plushy, and lit this thing looks to cuddle with, there’s no way anyone would be able to fall asleep with the Trumpy Bear looking into your soul at night.

Along with a blonde hairpiece, bushy eyebrows, and no pants, the Trumpy Bear also comes strapped with an unzippable back neck holding an American flag blanky inside. It’s so comfy that it can hypnotize anyone into the sunken place.

If you’re tryna cop, G yourself and click here. Otherwise, continue on with the rest of your life knowing that there is possibly an adult child playing with this in their crib.

Straight up sus bai.