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How Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are going to bring ‘2009’ vibes in 2019

This past weekend in Los Angeles, while promoting his headlining performance at Rolling Loud, Wiz Khalifa spoke with the radio show LA Leakers and shared maybe some of the most exciting news a Wiz fan could hear.

According to the Kush and O.J. rapper, he plans on going on tour with his right-hand man, Curren$y, as well as dropping the joint studio album, 2009. 

While headlining one of the last festivals of the years is dope and his seventh studio album, Roling Papers II, was a great addition to this year’s long list of good albums, a Curren$y tour and album is almost mind-blowing.

To the average everyday listener, it may not seem newsworthy: two guys going on a tour and releasing an album together, what’s the big deal? But oh, how you average listeners couldn’t be more wrong.

For one, they’ve never gone on tour exclusively together and secondly, 2009 has been teased and in the making for almost four years.

Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y the Hot Spitta separately may be just like any other artist that you take a liking to, but together, when their talents are forged as one, you have arguably the greatest duo in modern rap history.

Think peanut butter and jelly, Hennesy and Coke or Ricky Bobby and Cal — this duo from Pittsburgh and New Orleans takes the cake over all of them.

The folklore of Wiz and Curren$y all started in 2009 with their joint mixtape How Fly.

To say the tape is a classic is a gross understatement. Wiz was still an up-and-coming artist on Rostrum Records and Curren$y was fresh off his break with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money.

After linking on the internet over music, meeting and smoking a lot of weed, they not only realized that they made good music together but that they were best friends. Wiz even named Curren$y Godfather to his son.

And How Fly is a testament to this chemistry.

We’re talking classic, back-pack, blog era raps that take you back in time upon listening. For 15 tracks Wiz and Curren$y seamlessly play off each other, complimenting each other’s style like they’ve been making together for decades.

Wiz will belt at the top of his lungs and serve melodies that Spitta lays low and bars up. Conversely, Curren$y will deliver one of his classic repetitive hooks the lul you into rapping and Wiz would match the tone and mood. They truly made a classic and fans can attest.

2009, the joint studio album that Wiz alluded to on LA Leakers, in an ode to How Fly being that it was the year it was made. That means back to sampled instrumentals, weed and laid back tunes.

Back in 2015, the duo dropped off the first single off of 2009 titled “Uber Driver” with hopes that it was coming soon but never did, further adding to the excitement of the announcement.

According to Curren$y’s Twitter, he and Wiz raised this generation of rappers and 2009  will be the guidelines on them once again, on the anniversary of the first mixtape.

Let’s just say, we’ll be waiting!