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How UNINTERRUPTED x Nike came through with the inspirational drip

UNINTERRUPTED, the media company founded by Lebron James and Maverick Carter, has just released a clothing line that includes a collaboration with Nike’s Air Force 1’s.

James, the champion of athlete empowerment in this era, started UNINTERRUPTED along with his best friend and business partner Carter in 2014.

The slogan of the company, “More Than An Athlete,” embodies what James and Carter have managed to do with the brand in less than five years.


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This includes giving players a bigger voice on issues outside of sports, getting athletes their worth in monetary negotiations, and most recently, helping pass the “Fair Pay to Play” Act in California.

For a while now, fans of James and his friends/collaborators have marveled at the UNINTERRUPTED apparel line, but it was only accessible to those involved with the brand.

This hoodie is one example of some fire that goes beyond fashion.


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In an effort to end homophobic violence and bullying, @sbird10 and @mrapinoe collaborated with @melodyehsani on a custom hoodie to acknowledge, empower and educate allies of #LGBTQ youth of color. every detail on the design matters. from the lambda symbol to stonewall tribute, not one of the 200 hoodies is the same, but together they unite wearers in support of intersectional young people who are too often marginalized and who face disproportionate levels of attacks and barriers every day. love is loud. love is freedom. stand up for queer youth of color, for people and organizations doing the work that celebrates and protects them and for love with Sue and Megan through our campaign @athletes4impact – details here @mpjinstitute @translatinacoalition

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Now, UNINTERRUPTED is letting their fans get drippy with purpose, highlighted by the awesome Nike x UNINTERRUPTED AF1. Those who do cop will have a chance to write their own message on their AF1s with custom colored sharpies that come in the box.

Also included in the collection are shorts, socks, and hoodies that we see James, Carter, and other influential athletes and celebrities wear on HBO’s The Shop, co-executive produced by UNINTERRUPTED’s two founders.


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The available apparel is sure to only increase as the demand goes up.

Nike is already an industry leader in fashion and design, and partnering with UNINTERRUPTED on this apparel will only expand the company’s range.

This collaboration also shows how instrumental James is for the company beyond his play on the basketball court. UNINTERRUPTED is a brand that stands for fairness, equality, and people using their platforms to make a positive difference in the world, and Nike has smartly leaned into this.

So take a peek, and if you like it, go cop, because like UNINTERRUPTED’s message, this apparel is more than just what it looks like on the surface.

By wearing it, you let others know that you are more than your occupation, more than what other’s eyes can see.

Shop now by clicking here, fam!