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How Trump’s Twitter fingers are endangering the lives of protesters

Ladies and gentlemen, The Puppy Monkey Baby has done it again. Another gross misuse of his power and Twitter fingers course.

On June 27, President Trump decided to take his complaints up to Twitter once more but this time, he’s done something a little more “exciting.” Trump called for the arrest of the protestors who he believes took part in the dismantling of the Andrew Jackson statue.

The Trump Twitter fingers begin

And he didn’t stop at creating one wanted post. Trump has retweeted over 15 wanted photos asking for their arrest.

Trump is calling for dangerous doxxing

The president posted these tweets in the span of three minutes, creating an immediate call to doxxing. Quite simply put, the most powerful person in the country is targeting and harassing citizens, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

We know what Trump trolls will do. Plus we know that many of them are white supremacists. So, the outcome of these measures could easily lead to hate crimes especially for those protestors of color.

By tweeting these calls to action, the president has told his citizens that he cares more about confederate statues than US citizen’s freedoms and safety.

No probable cause

People everywhere are angry about his tweets which indirectly incite violence. Despite his posts claiming they do “not cause probable cause to arrest,” this fine print does nothing to alleviate the protestor’s worries.

If Trump truly wanted to let the authorities handle it, he wouldn’t tweet these posts to 8.5 million followers. This makes the nature of these tweets very clear. He wants his followers to identify these people, and do with that information what they will.

Protestors are terrorists to Trump

Trump has tweeted over hundreds of tweets that call the protestors and anyone that supports Antifa, “terrorists.” He has stayed silent over the right-wing groups that have threatened these protestors and even murdered others.

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order that would prosecute those who vandalized statues to the fullest extent because apparently statues of racists are more important than those who are simply trying to live without the fear of being killed over their skin color.

Trump and his administration intend this order to protect these statues from “anarchists and left-wing extremists.” In an interview with Fox News, Trump has also stated that those who tore down these racist statues were “terrorists in a sense.”

But those who grossly abuse their power to murder innocent people aren’t terrorists?

We wonder how Trump’s PR team is dealing with what comes out of his mouth. We sure hope they’re getting paid for all the work Trump makes them go through.