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How Toronto producer The Lab Cook forged connections to reach the top

Music is a young man’s game. The sound of hip-hop is constantly evolving and the kids are at the forefront, shaping that sound.

Rich Forever’s in-house producer The Lab Cook is one of the newer artists leading that charge. Producing for acts like Jaden Smith, A$AP Ferg, and Famous Dex, Cook is blowing up.

Take the whole cake fuck a slice 🎂

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Every beat from The Lab Cook sounds fresh and unique.

Mixing together smooth melodies with banging 808s makes for some of the hardest and interesting music you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing.

His smash hit “Rich Forever Outro/Intro” has garnered over 16 million views on YouTube. But his beat for the smash hit “Plug Walk” on Rich The Kid’s latest album is by far his most successful track to date.

Dreamed of this 💿

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Kulture Hub caught up with the Toronto producer to learn more about his hustle in the music industry and his plans to take over the game.

Cook, who is only 20 years old, started making beats in his senior year of High School. He got into production with the help of his friend,

“I was intrigued by the idea of making beats one day and I wanted to see how it was done. I actually had a friend from school who made beats and he introduced me to FL Studio.”

From there began The Lab Cook’s grind. Within a couple months he was working with local artists from his hometown of Toronto. His persistence and talent ultimately propelled his platform and gave him the ability to reach more ears. Cook started networking and trying to get his beats to anyone possible,

“I just started to DM people on Instagram, sending videos of my beats. Just hitting up anyone and everyone. Now I have a lot more connections in the industry so it’s less of a hassle to get beats around. About a year in is when I started getting some more well known industry artists to fuck with me.”

And fuck with him they did.

The Lab Cook holds credits on some of the most creative joints out there. His crowing achievement however is the work he’s put in on Rich The Kid’s Rich Forever label. Producing 7 tracks on Rich The Kid’s 11 track mixtape Rich Forever 3, Lab Cook proves he’s no joke.

Cook is signed to Rich Forever along with Famous Dex and Jay Critch. He told us about how he initially linked up with the label,

“I had linked up with Rich at the time he was bringing up his label movement. I had started working with Famous Dex first and him and Rich recorded on one of my beats. I heard a snippet on the internet. It was a crazy feeling to have them both on a song. Rich just started fucking with me after that. A couple months later I woke up to a twitter DM from Rich saying I want you on my label.”


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DM’s have proved very fruitful for the young producer but there’s more to the man’s work ethic than a strong social media presence.

Cook believes in a vision, a vision of being the top producer in the game. He knows exactly what it takes to reach his goal, now it’s all about the process,

“I have a vision [of] being a top producer in the game. When you have a vision like that it gives you motivation to do whatever it takes, the rest is just dedication and hard work.”

That hard work usually requires sacrifice and Cook isn’t shy about recognizing what he needs to remove from his life in return for success. The dedication he talks about comes in all sorts of forms, whether it’s working late nights or finding alternative ways to spread his brand.

It’s easy to say you have a vision, but Cook takes it a step further to be proactive in his chase of success.

“Long hours and late nights is a lot of it. Keeping up with what’s going on in the hip-hop world, reading the business side of things. Mainly it’s just focusing on me and what I’ve got going on, whether it’s not going out on weekends or turning down a night out. A lot of my priorities have changed in the last year or two.”

Along with production credits on countless songs, The Lab Cook has put a series of drum kits on sale for other aspiring producers.

Cook released a kit on featuring all original sounds created by the man himself. Staying ahead of the curve and recognizing the market immediately, he used his skills to provide a much needed service.

“I decided a few months back I wanted to make a drum kit. I like to create a lot of the sounds I use. I don’t use a lot of recycled sounds. My Vol. 2 is done, it will be for sale soon.”

This is all a part of the larger hustle needed in the music industry. Whether laying down a track or putting together a drum kit, The Lab Cook puts in the same energy as he would anything else.

Instead of being passive about his work, he knows he has to go out and take what he wants. Even though his passion is music, Cook is aware of every aspect of the business he needs to hone in on to truly achieve greatness.

“The main thing you need is to have a ‘workful’ mindset. You need a drive to go out and go get it. Definitely making connections is huge and perfecting your craft at the same time. Learn the business. Be a smart business person.

The Lab Cook is all in on his goals. Whatever it is you’re into, do that shit to the best of your ability, study your craft to the fullest, and make vital connections along the way.