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How to stay focused in school as a new season approaches

Time is precious and of the essence. As you get settled into the educational arena, everyone always chirps in your ear about time management and staying on-task. It is true, staying focused is integral to success. But there are many other things students must keep in mind to be their best selves.

This article will outline exact maneuvers to take, ways to divvy up your time, as well as the best practices to achieve ultimate success.

Know yourself, your worth and your role

First, your class schedule should reflect your preferences.

More times than not, biting the bullet and putting morning classes on your schedule will free up a lot of your time. Then again, you might be a night owl who needs those extra hours in the morning.

Familiarize yourself with your body, your style, and how you most efficiently tackle your tasks. This will help you as a student become your best self.

stay focused
Without a doubt, you are capable of greatness (via Monique Rangell)

Find your ‘why’ and keep seeking

Next, build time for reading. A large bulk of your assignments, participation, and knowledge derives from reading the text.

Do not fake it until you make it because your professor & peers will know as it reflects poorly on your studies. Not only that, reading trains your brain to push past capacity limits. After all, what are you paying thousands of dollars to do?

The answer to the above question is rhetorical. Many people have varying motives when it comes to logical solutions and collegiate time management. 

students best selves
Be a testament. Someone firm on their principles and beliefs. (via Linkedin)

It all comes back to the center of self-realization. Sturdy yourself and truly focus on the reason you chose that certain college or university. Maybe the studies are just a formality and the extracurriculars can really bolster your standing? 

Whatever the case may be, realize that college is an investment, and wasting your time ensures that the return on that investment will NOT be recouped.

Settle into your sweet spot and stay focused

There are so many different environments where productivity can be accomplished. Libraries, coffee shops, outdoor parks, underground cafes, etc.

Just know that your home should be your sanctuary and other places might serve greater purposes when it comes to completing tasks.

students best selves
New places and surroundings contribute to flourishment and growth. (via Farai Gandiya)

Also, do not be afraid to network. Networking helps you familiarize yourself with others by reinforcing your own particular mentality.

Nothing bad ever arose from extending your social circle to see what fits and what doesn’t for your specific goals.

Not only that, but these encounters may serve as a perspective refresh or lead you to discover new places and/or potential objectives.

Embrace the fact that you are human

Distractions will arise. It is inevitable. Do not be so critical of yourself if you become distracted at times. Rather, embrace it and build blocks into your schedule that allow for brain breaks.

stay focused
Keep tunnel vision and take measurable steps to achieve. (via Audrey Nicole Kurniawan)

It is especially helpful if you utilize social events that involve something other than altering your mind. This way, you continue the path of productivity while getting your nose out of the books for a breather. 

Stay focused and take pride in your work!

All in all, stay organized, stay hungry and push yourself further. The more you put on your plate, the sooner you will understand that we are all elastic in nature. The sooner you will realize how to be your best self as a student.

Slowly expand your responsibilities and push yourself day by day to see how much you can truly conquer.

That way, you are doing what you love, tapping into your soul purpose and making the absolute most of your college experience.