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How to hone in on your inner savage and become positively ruthless


“A savage is some who does not care about the consequences of his or her actions. Usually the savage will do things that make other people say, ‘What the fuck are you crazy?'”

We all have an inner savage. Yet, most of the time we channel it the wrong way and expend it on getting sauced with the homies, smoking hella gas, throwing shade, or doing something really stupid.

If we were able to harness that inner voice that tells us to be ruthless with every step we take and transfer that energy over to accomplishing our goals, the possibilities of succeeding at what you want to do might actually happen.

My recent 20-day hiatus from all things saucy and piffy opened my eyes to the truth, lowkey. While going to parties, BBQs, and clubs, sober, something clicked. All of these people dancing like maniacs, yelling at the top of their lungs, cursing out strangers, and losing their motor skills all had something in common: their inner savage.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, the temptation to indulge was right there laying in wait to release itself but the end result of that, for me, has always been trash and painful. There’s no way you’ve ever woken up happy that you went way too hard the night before? There’s a lingering doubt that anyone has praised the day they woke up with a hangover.

Furthermore, why would you want to invest your time into a memory that won’t be remembered? Think about all the hours you’ve put into your inner savage. What if you somehow expended that energy on perfecting your craft or achieving your goals?

After doing the math, highkey, it’s easy to figure out that you probably would’ve been a rich mug, doing what you love. Yeah, I realized this a little bit later in my young life. Still, most importantly, I realized that the inner savage is something we can all control.

Don’t waste your inner savage chakra on bullshit

That same energy you feel when you haphazardly want to unlock your inner savage, pause for a second, think about what you are doing and how it will affect you. Plus, make sure that there won’t be any life-changing consequences.

That one second you take to think about your potential is the moment you’ve gained control of your inner savage, fam. Don’t waste your savage chakra on bullshit. Instead, use it to help you go for things you, naturally, just wouldn’t.

Do you think if Jeff Bezos was getting wavy and acting recklessly with his homies that he would’ve even come close to conceiving Amazon?

What about the late Steve Jobs? There’s no way he would’ve grown into the innovator we all remember him to be or had the inner savage to drop the wildest tech on humanity. He would never waste his inner savage on tomfoolery.

Positively hone in on your ruthless savagery

Have you ever felt the need to do something terribly awesome? Would you go mad hard in the paint for whatever it is you desire? Like going in for a 15-hour work day, without diversion.

Trust, it’s not light at all, especially if you have nothing at risk. There are people that hone in ruthlessly on their craft and like a disciple, they responsibly follow their heart to wherever it guides them.

They sacrifice over and over again and dub the meaningless events that are happening in their life. Those that are able to tap into this ruthless form of savagery are able to pick themselves up regardless of what knocks them down.

Furthermore, there will be those that claim you’re ish is not hot and others that will try to distract you from getting that bag you want to work so hard for. And if you’re a true master of your inner savage, this should get you hype.

Don’t let them see you sweat but let them see you grow. Then when they see you from the sidelines that’s when you allow the haters to remind themselves that you truly are a savage.

Allow your inner savage to gas you up

A true savage will gas themselves up to do terrible things, but a master savage does the opposite. Instead of channeling their savagery towards an outsider they recycle it and selfishly keep their ferocity for fuel to accomplish greater things.

Think of all the GOATS that had the opportunity to clap back in times of duress. Remember when LeBron James was booed in Cleaveland for making a decision that garnered him two rings? What about Tiger Woods? Nough said.

Not to mention, the OG Meek Mill who was down and out for the count after a heated rap battle with Drake but still managed to make a comeback while in prison.

All of these people took time to channel their inner savage the right way and made sure not to waste it on negative energy. They all selfishly and positively gassed themselves right into royalty.

Still, whatever you do in your spare time is a judgment-free zone fam. We just want to make sure you are doing the best you.