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How to get The Shoe Surgeon’s Nike Ridge Top sneaker

Several head-nods later, I must say, The Shoe Surgeon has created a one-of-a-kind kick in the Nike Ruffles Ridge Top sneaker. Luckily, I was able to get the limited edition pair of fly sneaks ahead of the drop to test them out and flex on the NYC streets.

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Arriving at my crib, one could say the hype I felt was like none other. In 2019, The Shoe Surgeon worked with NBA champion Anthony Davis to bring the first rendition of this collab to life. The sneaker was received by the culture and sold out immediately, so it’s an honor to say I now own the follow-up pair of limited-edition sneakers.

All in all, that first drop was something special but this release is even better. We actually caught a glimpse of the Nike Ruffles Ridge Top shoe at the end of a Ruffles Without Ridges commercial that went live earlier this year in February.

Wait till the end…

We caught another glimpse of The Shoe Surgeon’s craftmanship again in March

It seems like food-inspired collabs are becoming The Shoe Surgeon’s specialty. From a Chips A-hoy drop on NTWRK to the Jack Daniel’s Honey sneaker release, there’s no stopping this customizer’s creativity.

Unboxing the Nike Ruffles Ridge Top sneaker was the best part. Rushing downstairs to meet the UPS man and absolutely grabbing the drip out of his hands I hustled upstairs to see “what was really good.”

Taped up to the edges I carefully applied pressure with a box cutter feeling that this cardboard box was nothing but a façade to protect these special sneakers.

A white covering designed with royalty in mind revealed itself… I hollered in ecstatic hypeness. My roommates did the same.

All Hail The Magic Conch GIFs | Tenor

The smooth covering came off quickly and revealed the real box with a gold stamp of approval, The Shoe Surgeon’s insignia. Folding the box back, the sneaker concept blueprints were mapped out on the underside of the top flap.

This was an intricate design. From the metal eyelet speed hooks to the laser engraved Ruffles sole and strap buckle, it was easy to see that this sneaker was pieced together with creative care in mind.

limited edition Nike Ruffles Armored Ridgetop
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ruffles sneaker bottom
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shoe surgeon
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Peeking through the neatly tucked tissue paper, the Nike Ruffles Ridge Top sneaker’s silver finish and gold swoosh glimmered across the water in my eyes. A slight sparkle twinkled as I pulled the shoe out of the box and felt the sneakers canvas.

Smooth to the touch, I dragged my fingers over the manguard overlay and extended chainmail collar before reaching the ridged removable lace cover. Removing the lace cover (twas a little too much for me) a gray set of laces with gold tips were woven into the sneaker’s eyelets.

Going back to the sneaker box I would find a secondary pair of black laces with gold tips. A couple of seconds would go by until I realized I had to slide them on.

Nike Ruffles Armored Ridgetop
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Lacing them up was a little difficult as the gold tips were a little too big for the eyelets. Regardless, I couldn’t wait to get these on my feet. Slidding into this shoes DMs my feet fit perfectly and the extended chainmail collar made the transition very easy.

The wear was very cozy and the additional ankle support goes a long way in keeping the drip together.

shoe surgeon ruffles
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But how do you get the Nike Ridge Top sneaker tho?

Don’t want to miss out on your chance to get a pair of The Shoe Surgeon’s latest kicks? Keep your ear and eyes to the digital streets.

Fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive pair of these sneakers by entering for a chance to win a pair at where Ruffles will select 10 lucky winners. 

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