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How Tidal is bringing their music experience to Africa for the first time ever

Who would’ve known that somewhere in Kampala, Uganda TIDAL and MTN were announcing a new partnership that promises to deliver a music and video streaming service to millions of people across Africa?

Who would’ve known that not everyone has access to the digital content and apps us Americans take advantage of every day? Well, now you have been educated — all do not have access to a music app they can pull up in a matter of minutes.

Imagine living without Young Thug’s Slime Langauge, Gunna’s Drip Season 3, Travis Scott’s Astroworld, or Playboi Carti’s Die Lit. Absolutely absurd, right? Be thankful you live in a first world country where music content is served to you on a silver platter.

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Time is on this trailblazing partnership’s side as the collaboration will first provide MTN Uganda customers a variety of options for a data-inclusive TIDAL membership as part of their mobile plan in order to gain access to exclusive high-quality streaming music, videos, concerts and more.

The plans provided will give Ugandan customers the option of tapping into one, three, seven and 30-day memberships, all of which include data and a free 30-day trial for all first-time members. Both companies hope to eventually inspire the entire continent with dope tunes.

The COO at TIDAL, Lior Tibon, expressed how thrilled the streaming platform is to bring a new wave of digital music” to the continent. TIDAL artist-owner Damian Marley also noted,

“I remember hearing stories about my father‘s records being destroyed once they got to Africa. They didn’t want the people to hear the message in the music. What a beautiful day it is now when Africa will not only have access to my family’s music but to all music that exists.”

Robert would be hype…

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Know that many African artists will be working with TIDAL. In fact, the streaming service in collaboration with MTN Uganda will be holding an Artists Collaboration Conference on Thursday, Sept. 27 and a MTN TIDAL Experience two days later on Saturday, Sept. 29.

The conference aims to bring artists together to learn about the evolution of the music industry across the globe and how to expand locally along with the help of TIDAL.

While “The MTN TIDAL Experience,” will feature performances from Jamaican dancehall artist Kranium, Nigeria’s DJ Spinall, Uganda’s own Beenie Gunter, and local DJs are set to host the experience which will be held at the MTN Headquarters.

Jason Kpana, SVP of Artist and Label Relations shared his emotions about the partnership. He said,

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with Uganda’s musicians and helping to bring the TIDAL music streaming experience to fans across the country. We know MTN customers will love the diverse playlists, live streams, videos and original content available on TIDAL.”

Stay cultured and learn more about the TIDAL x MTN partnership below.