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How this NYC pastor became spiritual advisor to Bieber, Kyrie, and more

Carl Lentz, lead pastor at Hillsong Church NYC, is attracting some A-list disciples.

The “rock star pastor” is the spiritual counselor for an 8,000-member community which includes Kevin Durant, mega rockstar Bono, and reality television star Kendall Jenner.

Those are some expensive souls. Lentz’s sermons cater to everyone but he has a special place in his heart for the souls of celebrities. In an interview with GQ back in 2015 he said,

People say we cater to celebrities… And I say, yes, we do. Celebrities deserve a relationship with God. Celebrities deserve a place to pray.

It seems as if Lentz serves as a beacon of hope for celebrities. After canceling his 18-month Purpose world tour, Justin Bieber really caught the fever for God’s love.


A friend of the Biebs told People about the “Sorry” artist’s faith,being more spiritual and attending church is how he finds his energy and focus again.”

Lentz has been there for the pop-star in moments of weakness before and the two have been comrades since 2008. Back in 2014, Bieber actually stayed at the pastor’s home for a month and a half.

It was Carl Lentz who guided Bieber to salvation.

Kyrie Irving is also down with the number one G.

Irving has been frequenting the Hillsong Church lately and he was said to have been talking with Lentz prior to his decision to remove himself from underneath LeBron’s shadow with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to TMZ,

“Church sources tell us Kyrie, who’s been an active member for a long time, met with Lentz earlier this month about his desires to step out of LeBron James’ shadow. We’re told Lentz didn’t tell Kyrie to ‘leave Cleveland’ — instead he listened to Kyrie’s concerns, and encouraged him to make the decision he felt was best.”

Besides Irving, Lentz has been a spiritual guide for KD…

Ex-NYK, Tyson Chandler…

And STAT of course.

Skeptics are concerned that Lentz is more than just a spiritual guide, but I say fuck the haters. I’m trying to be a part of Hillsong Church and have Lentz as my pastor.

The big question is – would you be allowed to worship with celebrities? No, the church has a special section for their A-listers.

Get an inside look of Hillsong NYC and check out the other members who attend the service.

Peep the fire sermons and inspiration:

Lentz is really about Jesus, even Oprah Winfrey thinks so.

In an interview with Oprah for her TV show on OWN, Super Soul Sunday, Carl Lentz described who Jesus is to him,

“Jesus is God. He’s everything, He’s the answer, He’s the sacrifice, He’s the atonement, He’s the way in. So, for me, I know people who think Jesus is an option. He’s a good guy, He was a moralist. I don’t see him like that. I see Jesus as salvation…”

Fall thru to Hillsong Church NYC or any of their other global locations. Being saved by this dude looks lit.