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How the ‘Unapologetically Different’ podcast is making waves in our community

From the moment you first hear Key and Coach P on the Unapologetically Different podcast, you can tell the duo makes a great team. Former coworkers and current entrepreneurial partners, Kiana Calder and Pierre Labissiere, know what it takes to bring out the best in each other.

“We hold each other accountable. I think that has really contributed to our growth as a team, accountability. Even when we fall, we pick each other back up.” – Key


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Because the two work so well together, Key and Coach P have experienced early successes in the world of podcasting. Since its inception in 2017, Unapologetically Different has offered insight on current affairs, social issues, and even self-help through the lens of their proudly black and millennial hosts.

“Pierre and I work really well together. We have a great dynamic as co-hosts, which is visible on our show. Our chemistry is authentic and our listeners feel that. Which is super dope!” – Key

Unapologetically Different has carved a lane for itself by never being afraid to tackle the tough questions facing American, and specifically African-American, culture.

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Getting here was no easy task though. Coach P and Key each faced the challenge of juggling full-time jobs, while also pouring their hearts and souls into their Unapologetically Different podcast. 

“You need to carve out time each day to work on your own hustle, because if you do not it will never become a reality. When you have a 9 – 5, you’ve committed time each week to that job and you need to be just as disciplined for your 5 to 9.” – Coach P

However, they never backed down from the challenge and the result is an intriguing podcast unlike anything out there.

“The key is to plan your work and work your plan. Simple as that! Everything else will fall into place when you’re focused and disciplined.” – Coach P

As dope as the podcast is, the Unapologetically Different team does so much more. In March of this year, they held the first Unapologetic Art Expo and earlier this summer, they hosted the Secure the Body Bootcamp.

You might be wondering what an art expo or fitness boot camp has to do with a podcast. But if you fully understand what Unapologetically Different is all about, then it makes perfect sense.

Key and Coach P know it’s not enough to sit behind microphones to discuss and criticize our current social climate. Your words don’t mean a whole lot if you’re not taking any real-life, tangible action.

“Awareness is the first step and that is what we create with the podcast but these events and future ones are about getting off the airwaves and getting into the streets, connecting with people face to face and making an impact!” – Coach P

After the success of the first Unapologetic Art Expo, Key and Coach P decided to bless us with another one this Saturday, August 31st.

Like the first expo, this one will feature art from amazingly talented black artists, with delicious hors d’oeuvres from a local black-owned restaurant, Black Nile.

Specialty cocktails will be served courtesy of Harlem-based and black-owned liquor company, HH Bespoke Spirits. Wine will be available at the event, thanks to the California-based and black-owned McBride Sisters Collection. And on top of all of this, beer at the show will be coming from the black-owned Harlem Brewing.

Events like the Unapologetic Art Expo offer Coach P the opportunity to explore other areas of interest and give back to the community in positive ways. 

This is more than just a podcast. Events and endeavors like the upcoming art show are branches of the podcast and necessary to the fundamental mission of it.

“It’s also crucial to take tangible actions. That is why we put on a bootcamp and this art show.  We want to create brave spaces where people can come and take the conversation off the internet.” – Coach P

Don’t expect it to stop here though. Unapologetically Different has planned to continue to grow their empire, and will continue to bless us with more events.

“In the meantime we’ll continue to grow our team, create future events, expand the Art Expo into other cities, and giving back to our community!” – Key

Cop your tickets for this weekend’s show here.


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