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How Rick Ross created a cash empire by franchising Wingstop

Rick Ross has mastered the art of hustling and bossing up.

Rozay understands the value of a winning formula and knows that when he attaches his name to something, anything is possible. That’s why he had the ingenious idea to begin franchising Wingstops in 2010. Yeah, the lemon pepper spot.

Since then, he’s scaled and created another lane for income that could realistically retire him today if he really wanted to. But if you know anything about Rozay, it’s that he’s far from finished.

Today, he owns over 30 locations and with each benefitting from an extra boost of sales because of his brand name. The real impact he’s having is what he does by pulling up to his stores and connecting with the people.

He’s out here building and giving back to communities with his Wingstops, which is a lot more than most other rappers are doing right now.

In an interview with Forbes, Ross spoke about how organically it all came together saying,

“I just wanted it to be something. The business just grew. It really grew. The community really came out, supported it, and showed us a lot of love.”

Of course it all started with his love for their lemon pepper wings. That’s what got him interested in franchising the first place. This was an idea Ross had early on in his career as he knew that he could do something different if he added his boss touch to it.

Wingstop is now one of the most culturally relevant places to grab food as the Rick Ross effect has transcended to every location. Rappers all throughout the game shout them out and it’s safe to say that this is the perfect example of a brand pushing hip-hop culture the right way.

The craziest part is that even though Ross is busier than ever as he expands his operation, he hasn’t had to compromise the quality of his music at all. His last album Rather You Than Me is another classic and once again proved he’s one of the nicest in the game.

Whatever Rick Ross decides to do next, from liquor to food, should go noticed as he’s proven he has that magic touch when it comes to making something hot. Peep the video above to see what I’m talking about.