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How rapper JuS BeatZ is channeling Mamba energy through his music

When the NBA Lakers icon, Kobe Bryantdeparted from this Earth earlier this year, it was like the whole world stood still. There were tears, rage, heartache, and disbelief that permeated across the nation.

Despite all of this, fans have found comfort in knowing that he changed basketball entirely for the better. Kobe’s love for the sport took him to new heights. Not only did he show a fighting spirit, but also a side of him that only wanted to pay kindness forward.

Additionally, Kobe embodied a dedicated basketball player’s characteristics, proving that teamwork and personal development go hand in hand. His jersey number was 24, which symbolically stands for openness and new adventures.

“The Kobe I knew those early years was warm, charming, intellectually curious, eager to make a personal connection,” penned B-R Mag contributor, Howard Beck.

Celebrating Kobe’s legacy, Los Angeles-based rapper, JuS BeatZ released a visual for his latest jam, “24.” The soundscape, produced by Joe Joe Beats, is a bassy trap symphony offering led by a guitar arpeggio.

JuS BeatZ is a rapper who masters dexterity to the tee. He comes straight out of Connecticut, with an infectious laugh and a nonchalant wild attitude.

Likewise, he is the youngest of eight children. Both his parents are immigrants from Jamaica, making him the first generation.

He has been influenced by Hip Hop since the age of 4. His influences include Nas, The Lox, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Lil Wayne, Max B, and Chinx Drugz. Born in 1996, this 24-year-old rapper has been releasing music since the age of 10 on MySpace.

JuS started rapping when he was four-years-old. His brothers took it a step further by introducing him to hip-hop and making records.

Twenty years later, he continued to run with it and hasn’t looked back since. During high school, JuS released his first-ever single titled “A Lot of You” in 2015.

In 2017, he released a summer anthem, “Mardi Gras.” Subsequently, JuS graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2018, graduating with a degree in economics and communication. While at UConn, JuS was able to take over the college music scene in Connecticut.

He’s been featured on Hot 97 and has performed with artists like Khalid and PNB Rock.

On the social video platform, Triller, JuS BeatZ has amassed two viral challenges. The #WTBWCHALLENGE garnered over 1.2 million views, and the most recent trending #Shortylivechallenge already has over 240 user uploads.

Using this platform, JuS released an exclusive visualizer on the app for his song “Shorty Live,” which has surpassed over 125K views. Before hopping in the booth, the rapper takes JuS JuicE remedies.

This refers to tea, water, and candy. Not to mention, JuS likes to freestyle his ideas and then write them as well. From his music, he hopes that people get the just of his experiences, emotions, and the tone of his voice. To add, he wants others to know HIS story and the grit.

“I hope they see someone that never stopped, not even someone who comes from a state that is not very known for music. I want to let people know not to let stereotypes stop them from pursuing their dreams and goals.”

In reference to “24,” JuS BeatZ uses a bouncy, auto-croon cadence. He pays homage to Kobe Bryant when rapping lines, “24. I feel like Mamba in this bitch/Take a shot. Never miss,” and “In my zone like Mamba/All I’m seeing is the net.” 

The lyrics at hand speak on police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, the C.O.D.E. Music Group signee’s ways with women, his unwavering focus, and his exclusive ice/drip.

“Ten toes in the sole, walk a mile in these kicks/Rise, burn it down, I feel inspired by the shit.” he delivers.

Deeper into the song, JuS BeatZ goes in-depth about his charm and frustration towards those who aren’t taking racial profiling seriously. Jus BeatZ even takes pride in turning another year old and how he’s readying for it.

24, it’s a new year, strapped with the new gear,” he spits along with, “10,000 hours, man I done shed a few tears. Black Lives Matter, you ain’t with us. Fuck it, who cares?” 

JuS BeatZ came up with the concept of “24,” while freestyling, “I was focused on releasing a song for my 24th birthday and decided to honor Kobe as well,” says Jus BeatZ.

“I feel like it’s a happy song. That’s uplifting especially during a time when we’re all dealing with so much heaviness due to the state of our country right now.”

The music video for “24” is a Final Focus Film production and was shot by Mitch Forte and Jamie Tobias. Jus BeatZ joined forces with Lil Wayne’s weed company, G.K.U.A., to create a visual that embodies the beauty behind taking a breather and living in the moment.

Throughout the scenes, you’ll see JuS BeatZ taking a hit of the #WeezyWeed while drop-top Cadillacs drive around him. Additionally, JuS BeatZ takes some moments to get behind the wheel of his drop-top BMW.

Elsewhere, the music video shows JuS BeatZ having a kickback with friends to celebrate what seems to be his birthday. Not to mention, he dons some eye candy on his arm while performing the song.

His album, JuS JuicE is set to premiere soon.

Peep the visual for “24” below: