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How Project #ShowUs looks to shatter beauty sterotypes

After capturing some of the most iconic and authentic images ever, Getty Images still understands there are new and important moments to be seen.

Especially now, in uncertain and unprecedented times, the public needs to see images and hear from artists that are often pushed to the background.

Female-identifying and non-binary artists are among those creatives whose voices are not heard enough.

With this understanding in mind, Getty Images is launching the #ShowUs grant, in partnership with Dove, to provide financial support and mentorship for artists committed to authentically representing women in commercial photography.

The grant is available for female-identifying and non-binary commercial photographers who have been shooting for less than five years.

The grant is part of the Project #ShowUs Collection that Getty Images, Dove, and Girlgaze launched in March 2019. The project is meant to expand conventional standards of beauty and evoke a broader sense of what being beautiful really is.

Beyond the financial benefits of the $10,000 grant, the lucky recipient will also be able to license their content through Getty Images at a 100 percent royalty rate for content created within their proposed project.

This grant is just the first in a series of grants to be awarded in 2020. Since its grant program’s perception inception, Getty Images has donated over $1.6 million to photographers and videographers all over the world.

Have you ever seen a better squad of companies? Getty Images prides itself on authenticity, creativity, and inclusivity. Dove focuses on making everyone feel beautiful and confident. Girlgaze’s mission is to close the gender gap.


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These three companies are working together to promote diversity and help female-identifying and non-binary artists to receive the same opportunities as everyone else.

Everyone has a vision, a view through their eyes and mind like the lens of a camera. We all deserve to have an opportunity to share ours.

Applications for the #ShowUs grant are open now and will come to a close on May 10. Apply here.