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How Portland protest photographers are risking their lives for the shot

Photographers documenting the Portland protests are among the bravest people in this country right now.

The protests in Portland, Oregon have been raging for over 50 days now. With the recent intervention of federal agents, things only seem to be escalating further.

From its beginning until now, through the thick of it all, brave members of the press have been risking their lives and safety to document these events.

Here are just a few of the many Portland protest photographers, videographers, and journalists you should be watching in this developing situation.

Dave Killen

A photographer and videographer for the Oregonian newspaper, Dave Killen captures the resilience of the human spirit in Portland’s protests.

The photograph he took of the figure named “Naked Athena” shown below was also featured in an article in the LA Times.

Nathan Howard

A freelance photojournalist based in Portland, Nathan Howard’s work captures the immense scale of the protests.

Yet he also finds a way to show the individual lives affected in poignant pictures. His work has been featured by Getty Images and in the Washington Post.

Soundtrack to the end

An anonymous photographer and videographer documenting the protests, Soundtrack to the End showcases not just the impact of so many people protesting, but also the indelible mark and impact they leave behind.

Donovan Farley

Donovan Farley is a writer for a variety of magazines such as Vice, Playboy, Spin, Willamette Week, Rolling Stone, and more.

Farley’s video and photo coverage of the Portland protests provides an immersive look into just how escalated and intense these protests can get.

Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

A freelance photographer whose work has been featured in ElevenPDX Magazine, Mathieu Lewis-Rolland specializes in event and wedding photography.

Now he takes his expertise to Portland’s protests. His work there conveys the serious impact the protests have not just on the city, but on the country as a whole.

Sergio Olmos

Sergio Olmos is a freelance journalist who’s had work featured in The New York Times, Reveal, The Portland Tribune, and more.

Olmos’ work provides insight not just into what the federal agents are doing in these protests, but also shows the reactions of Portland’s citizens. From more serious photographs to inspiring videos of protesters’ resilience, Olmos has a wide variety of coverage in his work.

Karina Brown

Karina Brown is a reporter for Courthouse News based in Portland. She was primarily focused on matters related to the legal system, science, and the environment.

Now she brings her expertise and investigative skills to shed light on those involved in the protests. This also includes groups generally covered less, such as members of the Native American community.

Brown has also recently published a personal essay on protests and personal trauma.

Portland protest photographers are really out here

These photographers, videographers, and all other members of the press involved in protests across the country have a powerful impact. Through their coverage, they shed light on this evolving situation and provide firsthand accounts of what’s happening.

The work of the press can show powerful moments ranging from serious and grave to heartfelt and empowering. In these chaotic protests, moments like these can be especially poignant.

Yet their work is not without risk, especially during this divisive time and in these protests.

Multiple cases exist where members of the press have been injured by police or federal agents. The above-mentioned journalists, photographers, and videographers are no exception.

Freedom of the press is a constitutionally-protected right under the First Amendment, yet police and federal agents still target them simply for reporting on what’s happening.

Members of the press all have a powerful impact on our society. With civil unrest happening in Portland and across the country, that impact is more powerful now than ever.