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How Nakefit is innovating the way we walk barefoot and embrace nature

You can finally enjoy the terrain beneath your bare feet with NakeFit, the hypoallergenic adhesive footpad changing the way we interact with nature.

Founded in 2017, the Italian startup wanted to get people closer to the ground and after a successful round of raising funds the adhesive sole has finally arrived.

From rocky ranges and sandy shores to hot NYC sidewalks and grassy parks, Nakefit ensures that every experience you have walking, jogging, or running will feel brand new.

Additionally, the adhesive sole is simple to apply and comes in a various range of sizes. Big feet, tiny feet, flatfooted or high arched, the diverse and unisex footpad is for everyone that just wants to be more in touch with the terrain beneath their feet.

The easy on and easy off, adhesive footpad is also breathable, waterproof, anti-slip, and anti-cutting allowing you to wear Nakefit for hours at a time without worry. Plus the cool colorways, black, pink, and blue make it fun to wear. Plus, it gives playful kids the option of donning footwear that’s not only cool but super high-tech.

You can finally feel fully grounded with Nakefit by integrating it into your daily activities. Whether you enjoy a walk in the park, a trip to the spa, an invigorating hike, or a peaceful yoga session you will, at last, feel that oneness with the natural world beneath the soles of your feet.

At $18 per pack (3 pairs), this affordable invention is accessible to all who are interested in embracing the world beneath their feet. Stay ahead of the trend and make sure to check out Nakefit for yourself.

It will make a difference in your everyday life. Simultaneously, the footpad will allow you to tap into that absolute freedom, comfort, and protection you’ve been searching for.

Lose the shoes and go Nakefit today!