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How music artists protesting police brutality are showing support

We often look to our favorite artists for inspiration and guidance during difficult times.

While we acknowledge being a music artist does not mean you’re required to be a leader in all things activism, there are many artists that have used their platform to speak out against police brutality and racism.

Many artists receive backlash from their own fans and still many others are pressured by their record label to not get involved with “sensitive” subjects. Summer Walker is one of the latest to speak on this hypocrisy. So we’ve decided to highlight a few artists to follow for #BLM content and anti-police brutality resources.


Noname is known by many for her revolutionary and deeply knowledgeable politics. Her book club has always highlighted men and women writers of color as well as essential ideologies that reconstruct our sense of building positive community.

Some might consider her politics “extreme” but in reality, her perspective is one that is historically pro-Black. She also does not shy away from making sure that narratives that are not mainstream get her full attention and support.

If you’re looking for a good consistent resource for well thought out liberation information, Noname and her network got you with the political education.

Noname also got you with the hot takes and the hot ideas. Run that shit up.

Cardi B

Cardi B has always been dropping the truth on historical and institutionalized racism. She always speaks out against police brutality. She’s been active politically, and you all heard about her coronavirus videos.

Her content can be entertaining but if you stay passed the funny moments you’ll learn a lot. She’s always down for a sophisticated conversation on history and government.

Lately, she’s been discussing police brutality through topics like why protests are important and the value of voting.

She also calls out those who twist her message or try to claim she hasn’t always been for the cause.

The Weeknd

Abel has not stayed silent during all this either. He’s been sharing important #BLM knowledge on his socials, and he’s been involved in important initiatives for the cause.

The Weeknd signed an open letter along with other artists calling for the Defunding of the police and increased funding for social programs like healthcare and education.

He has also donated up to $500k to several racial equity organizations such as  Black Lives Matter and The Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative and National Bail Out fund.

He even called for the music industry which makes so much off of Black musicians and artists to donate and stand with the cause.

Billie Eilish

Being Black is not a prerequisite for caring for Black causes. The artist who has often been used as an example of how Black culture can influence white audiences and art, has offered up her huge platform to support #BLM.

For the past 6 days, since the George Floyd protests began, Billie Eilish has been posting content meant to educate and mobilize around the cause of anti-police brutality, including calling out the hypocrisy of #AllLivesMatter arguments.

Tory Lanez

The king of Quarantine Radio has always been vocal about the injustices inflicted upon the Black community. This time is no different.

He is a constant voice on the protests and offers up ideas to help the cause. He even addressed the role of looting and positioned the idea of having businesses clearly show their support in order to avoid it.

He’s also been protesting and marching with the people, putting action behind his words.


Sometimes actions speak louder than words. SAINt Jhn took his 100k video budget for his song Roses with Future plus some of his own money and is donating it to Bail Funds for protestors and across Black businesses.

SAINt Jhn is also regularly sharing commentary on police brutality and videos of police attacking peaceful protesters. He also emphasizes the importance of self-educating to have the greatest and most positive impact.

Beyond that, SAINt JHN is offering up his time, money, and art to help the cause.

Killer Mike

We all know Michael Render AKA Killer Mike as an amazing pro-Black political organizer and mobilizer of political participation. He’s always doing the work when it’s in the mainstream news and when it’s largely forgotten.

His continuous self-education and passion for Black advancement also takes into account groups that intersect with Blackness or have proximity to Blackness.

Some of his views may be controversial on the surface such as his pro-gun stance however his arguments are well-thought-out. We should uphold his voice in general as a credible one in the movement for Black liberation.

He is of course one half of the rap duo Run The Jewels, where he and his partner El-P regularly rap about social issues, and their latest album RTJ4 is no exception.

During this time, Killer Mike continues to be a leader and voice, being that correspondent on so many talk shows and news segments.