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How Menyelek Rose is bringing back the early 2000s for SS21

Menyelek Rose has been reinforcing the crochet aesthetic since his early designs that graced the styling-choice of Young Thug in 2017. Now he is diving into a “Bling” era of the early 2000s.

Rose is transitioning his crochet looks of comfort and conservatism, to the polish, glam, and liberation of the new millennium. This is what Menyelek describes as,

“the free-flowing, careless vibes of the 2000s; make-up, baggy clothes, the love, and togetherness.”

Although deterred by the current pandemic Rose has kept a level head and pushed through deciding to unveil Menyelek 2000s, his Spring-Summer 2021 collection for New York Fashion Week.

Menyelek 2000s

Menyelek’s brand of denim, knits, distressed shirts and crocheted heels have made statements about the current care for societal distress and has been the brands’ homage is to the grandmother.

Rose’s grandmother would always tell him “take time,” as she sought to encourage him to make thoughtful decisions as a young Black man.

Referencing the 2000s in this collection takes note of the young designer’s growth. This season’s collection shows off full-length leather jackets, fishnet leggings, animal prints, bright-colored pencil dresses made of a poly-stretch fabric, tube tops with matching bottoms, and oversized recycled blazers.

Creating an even glitzier and baggier silhouette calls to the innocence of when streetwear and high fashion started to acknowledge one another and things seemed to shine bright.

“I don’t believe in categories of fashion. Where do I think fashion is going? I’d say it’s going in my direction.”

Rose makes claim when considering the brand’s streetwear aesthetic.

Menyelek 2000s

Personified in a short fashion film Menyelek Rose put together for NYFW, the idea of sitcom parody gives context to the entire collection.

A mostly digital fashion week, the intense visuals of a house party shot like a 2000s music video references the “Bling” era as the “strongest and most influential time for Black culture and Black Americans,” as Rose describes it. He mixes pop culture and hip-hop culture to the tune of how we may envision the era and not how it actually was.

Menyelek Rose continues to push forth the envelope on Black cultural references and pop culture, from Rose’s grandmother’s crocheting to one of the most influential eras of Black culture, the 2000s.

Embarking on a new era of most influence, the young designer is breeding a new life into his work. Suiting remains a constant and so does his most unique womenswear pieces, as his crochet technique takes a season off as the party is just getting started for the designer.

Rose concludes,

“like any cycle, I feel like change must come, but crocheting and mixed knits or mixed fabrics will always be the identity of the brand. This specific collection – not really to do with the brand, but more so black culture and pop culture.”

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