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How Marlon Wayans still strives for greatness 28 years into the game

Our biggest obstacle during our lifetime is to not only discover who we are as a person, but also to find our purpose is on this Earth.

Many of us walk aimlessly in life toward a goal we think is the American dream. However, it’s often the safer route that most parents suggest –– go to college, graduate with a degree and get a secure job in your career field.

When you think of Marlon Wayans and his comedic talents, the first thing to come to mind is his critically acclaimed movie White Chicks. If you are an OG Marlon fan, you remember his hilarious antics on The Wayans Brothers  and In Living Color.

Even though he’s the youngest of 10 Wayans siblings, Marlon’s legacy is already cemented. Appearing in over 40 movies and shows combined, he is still one of the hardest working men in show business. He’s 28 years into the game and still going strong!

Coming from a family of comedic giants, with the success that he’s reached and the money he’s earned, Marlon is already set for life. It raises the question, why still perform? Why does he still get up and create and motivate?

In 2011, I asked the legend via Twitter what he was striving for.

Marlon Wayans told me:

This is our greatest challenge as human beings –– to be the best version of ourselves.

Fast-forward seven years later and that’s still Marlon’s quest. Recently, in an interview with The Breakfast Club, Marlon went into detail about his journey. Marlon said,

“My competition is me. This whole journey that I’ve been going on by myself was never to go, ‘I’m a be the best Wayans’. I was sitting there going ‘Okay so I gotta find who’s Marlon’. When that lonely moment comes of ‘alright well who are you’? That’s thing that kicks you in the ass, puts you on stage, makes you start writing scripts, makes you say if I did a sitcom for 100 shows what would it be –– my life. What is my life?”

What is my life? That is the question that drives us. It is what will’s Marlon to wake up everyday and live his own life. It’s the single reason why he delivered his first stand up special WOKE-ISH.

It is the reason his show on NBC, Marlon, NBC, Marlon, got picked up for a second season. He is working on his dream, healing audiences with laughter and smiles while doing what he loves. Marlon Wayans said,

“One day when it’s all said and done, you don’t sit there and go I’m the greatest, I’m a legend, I’m a G.O.A.T. [greatest of all time] no. You do the work and the audience will tell you what you was when you’re gone. I want to do material that’s going to make me live forever.”

Marlon is still growing and evolving in front of us everyday. His hard work is finally catching up with his greatness. Not only is he working hard on himself, he is making others around him great. Empowering his co-stars and writers to live their best lives to be successful in something other than they are known for now.

Marlon Wayans is an inspiration for those following their dreams. He has emerged from the shadows and has made a name for himself, other than just being a Wayans. However, he still embraces his family with love and compassion.

The question still remains: who are you and what is your purpose in life?