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How MAGA supporter Lil Pump became ‘Little Pimp’ for the clout

If you’re reading this, it’s too late… Over the course of 24 hours, clout rapper and avid MAGA supporter Lil Pump has already pulled up on President Donald Trump and was dubbed a ‘Lil Pimp’.

Shaking my damn head. If everyone wasn’t already on edge about the 2020 Presidential Election, Lil Pump’s MAGA endorsement couldn’t have come at a worse time.

But, if anything, we should’ve expected this.

Lil Pump’s chase for clout over the years

Out the gate, we’ve known Lil Pimp was a tad off and he’s been honest about that, at least. Still, this hurts a little, just a tad. Why?

The volatile young souls who were on the fence about who they wanted to support look to the clout rapper’s music for inspiration. Sad to say, but it is facts!

His hit “Gucci Gang” broke the mainstream in 2017 and from that point, every rapper and their auntie wanted a feature from the clout phenomenon.

The triple-platinum track would set the tone for his career as industry heads and onlookers in the rap world grabbed their popcorn and launched bags of money at Lil Pump.

His self-titled debut mixtape would feature hip-hop heads’ favorite rappers and more.

If that wasn’t enough to validate Lil Pimp’s name in the industry he would follow up with feature after feature and viral videos throughout 2018. Big profile collaborations would come easily.

A dash of his virality on a Diplo track there and a sprinkle of his artistry in the Deadpool 2 movie soundtrack here would take Lil Pump to new heights.

Then it happened… Lil Pump’s music would catch the ears of maestro and ex-MAGA supporter Kanye West. Together the two would tap award-winning visionary Spike Jonze and drop the viral visuals for “I Love It.”

At over half a billion views the video remains a cultural game-changer. And ending 2018 with a bang would set up the Little Pimp to drop his second mixtape Harverd Dropout.

A combination of fame, legal issues, and drug addictions would lead to severe mental health problems for the Gucci Gang rapper. And after a short quiet period, he would break his silence…

A man in search of great clout is destined for a great fall

On March 30, 2019 Lil Pump hit a brick wall and sent out warning signs that he was not in the right space, mentally.

A concerning tweet and a series of cryptic story posts to his Instagram would force his fans and many more to reach out.

After hitting the Gram to apologize for the murky way he expressed his battle with depression, we would forget about Lil Pump for a while amidst the ongoing protests, the pandemic, and the deaths of our idols, in 2020.

And to what should be no surprise, Lil Pump would rise again. But this time in a new, very confusing, MAGA like form — Little Pimp.

Lil Pump was not a MAGA fan ahead of the 2016 US election
Lil Pump was not a MAGA fan ahead of the 2016 US election. via Twitter November 2016

Lil Pump’s transformation to Lil Pimp

In the heights of the 2020 Presidential Election, Lil Pump took the stage on Nov. 3 and FULLY endorsed the Cheeto Jesus. Dripped out and donning a MAGA hat Trump would give the clout rapper one hell of a cooked introduction.

After Trump mistakenly identified the rapper as Little Pimp and adding in that he is “one of the big superstars of the world,” Pump grabbed the mic and went off… in the wrong direction.

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Throwing much fake-respect on the MAGA man’s name Lil Pump would have somewhat of an unbelievable close to his short speech.

MAGA [Make America Great Again] 2020,” he said, adding: “Don’t forget that, and do no vote for sleepy Joe at all.”

Lil Pump at Donald Trump’s Michigan rally

Those who are “woke” know everything that is wrong with this. Not to mention what Lil Pump has done (is doing) speaks volumes about the confusing state this country is in.

Lil Pump for MAGA tho?

We can mention the cages, the wall, the white supremacy sympathizing… the list goes on, forever. Still, as we wait for the results to tally up, we have to remember to keep calm and carry on.

This is only the beginning of a long war between knowledge and bullshit. Please do not let an obsessive clout chaser like Lil Pump pimped out by the f’d up MAGA powers that be, control the important decisions we need to make to get this country to where it should be.

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Stay safe out there.