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How Logic left his rap career to become a pro streamer on Twitch

In one of the more bizarre moves of the summer, rapper Logic has retired from his music career and signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch.

In a new interview with The Verge, the Maryland-native rapper announced his plans to continue his gaming channel on the streaming platform.

“I’m blessed enough to have millions of fans and followers,” he said. “So it is a great partnership. I’m going to bring new eyes to their service, they’re going to bring new money to my bank account, and — I’m just kidding.”

This sudden announcement comes only mere days after Logic announced his retirement from rap. It is a peculiar move that prematurely ends the 30-year-old’s lively and popular career.

Born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Logic grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He was surrounded by drug abuse and was dismissed from his high school in tenth grade for unrelated reasons.

Logic met Solomon Taylor at the age 13, quickly viewing him as a role model and a mentor. He became interested in rap after watching Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1, which included a score produced by Wu-Tang Clan member RZA.

Logic released his first mixtape, Young, Broke, & Infamous, in December 2010. Over the next decade, he would soar in popularity and go on to release five studio albums, one soundtrack album, six mixtapes, 36 singles, and three promotional singles.

He won the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards “Best Fight Against the System” for “Black Spiderman,” and the 2017 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards “Most Performed Song” for “Sucker for Pain.”

Logic was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2018 for his smash hit “1-800–273-8255,” and won the “Award Winning Song” at the BMI Pop Awards for the same work.

While Logic’s sudden jump into Twitch might surprise some, he is a self-proclaimed video game nerd, as his 2016 album Bobby Tarantino features a song titled “Super Mario World.” The same song also makes a reference to widely popular PlayStation exclusive game Uncharted 4.

Rappers and performers like Logic are always looking to engage with their fans in the best ways possible. Twitch is a platform that offers unique ways of connection in the form of live-streaming and event-gatherings.

“I think it’s a powerful platform that allows me to connect with my fans in the best way possible,” he said.

“This is the place where if you want to interact with me, you’re going to do it here. I’m not going to be on Twitch, having political debates. I’m going to be on Twitch, helping people smile after they’ve had a day of protesting or political debates, unwind and laugh and smile.”

Twitch is the world’s largest video game streaming platform and has recently seen celebrities take their shots to earn subscription-based money and new forms of entertainment.

According to Forbes, the sense of community offered by Twitch is unparalleled to any other streaming site.

“Users don’t join the platform just to watch on-demand video solo like they would on YouTube. They come to engage with their community, one that’s fueled by a live chat that connects directly with the streamer and is built around that streamer’s personality. The community is often more important than the live stream itself.”

With esports taking a huge popularity increase, and the future of professional sporting events, concerts, and social gatherings unknown, Twitch is the place for connection in the pandemic-stricken year of 2020.

Logic’s seven-figure contract proves that no celebrity or performing artist is above the methods of live-streaming and community connection. His sudden career change reinforces the way that stars strive to engage with their audiences and demonstrates key importance in online branding and socialization.

Logic’s welcoming stream occurred on July 21, and he is sure to drop more events throughout the rest of the summer. His final album, No Pressure, will release tomorrow exclusively on Twitch and is certain to be a bittersweet experience.


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We can’t wait to see the new way that Logic will create content on Twitch, and we eagerly await his upcoming album drop.