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How Kristaps Porzingis went from Latvian kid to King of New York

Even with all the different stars and personalities to play professional sports in New York City over the decades, none match up to the growing legend that is Kristaps Porzingis.

The guy who Knicks fans boo’d on 2015 draft day is now the king of the city and quite possibly the most lit Latvian to ever walk the earth.  At 7’3, KP is literally larger than life but aside from his insane skill set and promise for the future, it’s his story that makes him the man.

Growing up in a basketball family with both of his parents playing professionally in Latvia, his two older brothers did the same across Europe. He’s had the support system since a very young age but still had to overcome obstacles on the way to his greatness.

Before Kristaps was even born, his family tragically lost their 14-month-old son, Toms, and were devastated. The birth of Kristaps was very important to his parents and brothers alike after their tragic experience, so for him to achieve what he’s done has been more than a dream come true. He’s living the life for his late brother and himself.

When KP was just 15 he left home for Spain thousands of miles away to pursue his dream. Living on his own for three years, Kristaps perfected his craft and developed the mindset that makes him one of the smartest young players in the game today.

The real question is how did a kid from Latvia, a place that is not known for producing NBA players at all, become the future of the game? It was truly the work of his family, his insane genetics, and blessings from God that made him. His nickname “The Unicorn” perfectly described what he is: a mythical creature who is not of human descent.

In all seriousness, Kristaps has proven himself as not only the leader of the Knicks this season but a true New Yorker. He’s rocking Timbs, sliding into DMs all brazy, and embracing his city more than even OBJ or Aaron Judge has.

If he could bring a championship to MSG one day, Kristaps will literally become the biggest sports legend ever to walk the earth. This city loves its basketball more than anything and to have a player like Porzingis gives them the hope they haven’t had since the 70s, deadass.

It’s still early in his career, but New York got them a good one. Shout out to the Porzingod for making the Knicks lit again.