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How Knicks fans played themselves into thinking they’d be nice next season

In just about one month, Knicks fans went from cocky as hell back to scared as fuck. Everything seemed lined up for a huge off-season.

We were going around, spewing nonsense like “KD and Kyrie are locks to sign with us” and “we’re about to get Zion with that number one overall pick in the draft.”

I don’t know how the fan base of a team with such a terrible recent history of poor management could become so delusional, so quickly. I can’t lie though, I took part in that delusion.

After months of lying to ourselves and thinking that things would get better, it’s time to snap back to reality.

We didn’t get the 1st pick in the draft. We thought we were about to get a repeat of the 1985 draft when the lottery was rigged to give the Knicks the opportunity to draft Pat Ewing. Zion, our savior, will not be playing at MSG next. Shoutout to everyone who bought a Williamson jersey before the draft lottery was even announced.

Since last July, Knicks fans have been bragging about how Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were going to sign with the team this offseason. Everything seemed to be pointing to this. Kyrie bought a house in Jersey, KD moved his venture capital headquarters to NYC.

Then, our worst fears came true. Reports broke that Kyrie was leaning towards signing with the Nets and that seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. With Kyrie most likely heading to BK, fear started to creep in that KD might follow him there.

Delusional Knicks fans kept their faith. We just needed KD to get through the Finals, sign with the Knicks, and convince Kyrie that Brooklyn wasn’t the move.

Then the Achilles ruptured. Bruhhhhhh…

Dreams of building the next super team in the Mecca essentially went out the window. How the hell are the Knicks supposed to be the next best thing in the NBA if our potential new star player is going to be out all next season?

So with KD’s health in question, Knicks fans focused their hope in another superstar looking to leave his current team — Anthony Davis. Those dreams were shot down quickly when the Pelicans agreed to trade him to the Lakers to team up with LeBron James.

Okay, so all of that didn’t happen to work out in the Knicks favor, but there are still plenty of other free agent options to sign. Kemba Walker was a standout talent at Rice High School in NYC. He could be brought back to the mecca. But then he said he would take a pay cut to stay in Charlotte.

That leaves us with the options of Kawhi Leonard, who doesn’t seem to have any interest in the Knicks. Klay Thompson, who will probably stay with Golden State. Or Jimmy Butler, who apparently wreaks havoc in every locker room he enters.

Damn, maybe there aren’t any options available to Knicks fans.

It looks like we’re poised for another disappointing season. It’ll be more heartbreak and telling ourselves “it’ll get better next year.” Here’s to hoping management doesn’t completely screw things up and screw us over for ten more years of misery.

Let us just pray for RJ Barrett… that is if the Knicks don’t fuck that up too.