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How Griselda bided their time for an incandescent come up

Griselda Records undeniably moonbeams the golden era; from the feeling of grimey lyricism to the forefront of modern hip-hop. Griselda’s come up can be chalked up to a robust lyrical ability, and smart, savvy business moves.

The group’s ability to captivate an audience with multiple different approaches is downright impressive. They hit you with the rawest bars combined with distinct artwork and their business ventures are growing in stature as well. 

Let us take a glance at their consistent rise throughout the hip-hop ranks with this stimulating visual timeline. They’re definitely bringing that real NY feeling back.

Westside Gunn served as the floor general for Griselda’s come up

Westside Gunn’s orchestration has put the right people in place and fixated Griselda Records firmly amongst elite companies. The label brings that NY essence back solely with their lineup.

westside gunn
Westside Gunn and Benny the Butcher pose with their Roc Nation Management Captain (Credit: TefWesley)

They are growing as a group comprised of Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, Benny the Butcher, Armani Caesar and Boldy James

Thus, the intriguing aspect about this collective is that their lyrics are very relevant to today’s culture.

With some modern hip-hop artists, the authenticity of their subject matter is not questionable. But, the way that these guys deliver their rhymes and carry themselves makes it clear that they are here to make a lasting impact. 

Griselda Records’ lyricism

There are certain artists (whose names will remain unmentioned) that admit their tendency to exaggerate the realities of their rhymes.

But make no mistake, these Buffalonians live their truth and pour their actual pain on wax each and every outing. 

Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine link up with the man who signed them to Shady Records (Governors Ball 2018 Credit: Jeremy Deputat)

They are reinforcing much of what is wrong with hip-hop in the sense that many of their lyrics glorify violence, vanity, and treating women carelessly.

And, unfortunately, as contradictory human beings as we are, many purists tend to enjoy the unadulterated lyricism that details their authentically truthful past.

Time and again, these cats bring the heat with methods that remain unpredictable. They keep their listeners honest – they always shapeshift their rhyme structures and thematic presence on wax. 

The group treats hip-hop as a sport

If you wonder why these artists remind us so much of your Nasir Jones and Noreaga’s is because they treat hip-hop as a sport.

Their competitive nature is illuminated through their bodies of work and the tremendous pace of project output. The trajectory and progress achieved throughout the past three years has been quite a feat to witness.

Griselda Records Trio flic up next to legendary producer, DJ Premier (Credit: Brittany Brand)

Certainly, worth admiration to this point – these artists are nowhere near finished. They continue to satiate our artistic hunger with movies, clothing outlets and mixtapes. 

Griselda cracked the code of the hip-hop world by dropping countless mixtapes (multiple per quarter) between the five of them. Now that they have started to gain traction in the industry, they are able to slow down the output of their projects because the demand continues to increase.

And thus, this is a definite win-win for the Griselda Records label as it gives them time to focus on other endeavors and polish their musical packages to the utmost.

A pure intentionality to the group’s rise

But, Griselda Records does everything with pure intentionality. Their purpose-driven output always provides joy to hip-hop purists and allows them to further solidify themselves.

Since their hip-hop inception, Griselda by Fashion Rebels has always set the bar high.

Through their disposition, they show us that self-worth should always be placed first. Because artists see themselves as their own sparring partners and cannot imagine anyone else that might do it better. Their strong sense of confidence, esteem, and flavor prove that they can go bar-for-bar with anyone.

A hip-hop dominion

So, it is evident that Griselda Records has what it takes to dominate any hip-hop platform. Their songs continue to get more interesting and they always unravel new layers to their output.

And, as dynamic artists, they are cognitively in tune with what their audience desires. While it may propagate and glorify negativity in a sense, there is no denying the fact that their sound is highly coveted and generating major waves.

Also, they distinguish themselves through quality content and creative aesthetic. There is no doubt about it – this group of artists carries on NY tradition in the most genuine way.

Key collaborators with the group include 50 Cent, Raekwon, DJ Premier, Virgil Abloh, Mase, Slick Rick, Alchemist and Schoolboy Q.