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How eco-socialist rapper NoName is using her platform for good

Following several philanthropic headlines featuring Jay Z, NoName took to Twitter to express her stance on giving back. She called for Jay Z to “partner with some black-owned worker coops.”

Responses to the tweet were disapproving of the idea, pointing out Jay-Z’s history of helping the black community. That’s when NoName made a pointed observation. Capitalism facilitates oppression and therefore cannot facilitate¬†true liberation.

What’s a Co-op?

Noname doesn’t just talk the talk, she makes moves. Peep her work with co-ops in Jackson Mississippi. A “co-op” comes from the word cooperative, and the people involved do just that.

People come together to work on providing a service and reap the benefits and profits together as opposed to an owner making the money from other people’s labor.

According to “A cooperative exists to serve its members, but what makes co-ops unique is that the members are also the owners. So, in addition to getting the products and services you need, you also have a say in the business decisions your cooperative makes.”

The point is, the co-op structure is a truly democratic way of dispersing and sharing wealth and resources.

Doing the work

If you couldn’t tell from her posts, NoName supports systems that are outside of capitalism structures and preferably renewable.

Placing emphasis on how capitalism has created oppressive structures and feeds off of them.

Historical knowledge is important in order to understand just how invasively powerful capitalism in the oppression of people of color and the Black community specifically.

Her newly formed book club is particularly adept at recommending works that provide insights into the past, present, and future of conscious activism.

NoName originally rose to fame through her music. A master lyricist, she came up with fellow artist Chance the Rapper. Now, sis is continuing to produce music but is using her platform for social change and economic revolution. Stop sleeping on NoName.