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How Do You Vape? Here Are 4 Pros And Cons To Your Vape Style

Vapes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for people who smoke cigarettes and cannabis. They can be more convenient, but also might be a safer alternative to smoking joints or cigarettes with the chemicals and carcinogens that they come with.

Vape kits have been around for almost two decades by now, and they have changed a lot over time. They range in size and sophistication, but in general, there are four distinct styles of vape kits that you can choose from. 

Each style has its benefits and drawbacks, but you will find that what works best for you depending on what you want out of it as well as your personal preference. If you want to know more about each style, you can always ask experts at a shop like Harvest HOC

Here are the pros and cons for each of the four types of vapes you can choose from.

1. Cig-A-Like Vape Kits

The Cig-A-Like vape gets its name because it is made to look like a cigarette. They are smaller and more common, so as a style it’s easy to find and more affordable than other types of kits. They are common for people switching from real cigarettes to vaping, and found in convenience stores.

Pros: A cheaper, discreet and simple type of vape that most beginners to vaping will start out with.

Cons: Lacks the battery life and power capability of the larger kits you will find on this list.

2. Vape Pens

Vape pens are still relatively small and discreet, and used as the vape kit of choice for beginners. They tend to be more common as a starter kit for people who want a vape for marijuana

Pros: More sophisticated than Cig-A-Like vapes but still small, discreet, and simple for beginners.

Cons: More expensive than Cig-A-Like vapes, but also still not as powerful as more advanced kits.

3. Mods

Vape mods are a newer type of vape compared to the other two. They are so named because they came from people “modifying” vape pens to be bigger, more powerful, and more sophisticated. Sometimes they are modded from the hull of a flashlight so there is room for larger batteries and extra technical components.

Pros: Much more powerful, safe, and technologically advanced than vape pens or Cig-A-Likes.

Cons: Larger, more expensive, and not as easy to use for beginners.

4. Pod Mod Systems

Pod Mod vaping systems represent the newest style of vape kits that you can buy. As you might expect, they’re also the most sophisticated and advanced of all the other styles. They combine the smaller size portability of vape pens and Cig-A-Likes with the power and battery life of the Vape Mod kits. 

You can generally find two types of Pod Mod Systems: open and closed. Both use a pod in the vape system that skips the need for atomizers or juice tanks. Open pod systems allow you to manually refill the pod when the juice runs out, while closed systems are disposable — much like coffee makers that use pods. That’s where Pod Mod vapes get the name!

Finally, the pod mods

Pros: Combines the best of all worlds in terms of simplicity, size, and sophistication.

Cons: Can be more expensive, but in general is the best all-round type of vape you will find.

In summary, there are several vape styles that you can choose from. Which one you prefer will likely depend on your experience with vaping to start, as well as how advanced or how discreet you want it to be. You can get very small and discreet devices to take with you everywhere, or you can get more advanced mods that are more powerful and have more features.