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How ‘Cup of Rahman’ creator Celine Rahman grew her brand by following her passions

Celine Rahman’s blog, Cup of Rahman, doesn’t dish out delicious hot cups of ramen noodles to customers, despite what ideas the title may conjure up.

But what the site does dish out, are the bloggers’ intimate thoughts and the showcasing of her self-customized products — from key rings, key chains, jewelry, illustrations, and apparel. The printed t-shirt that reads “stay woke, make change” is a definite favorite!

Although starting out as a music blog during her freshman year of college, Cup of Rahman evolved into a blog and was an extension of Rahman’s Instagram account @cupofrahman.

The site combines Rahman’s love of photography and fashion while also offer an outlet for Rahman to discuss her thoughts, moods, and feelings that are particularly inspired by fashion and film.

Both her writing content and products are highly relatable. She creates entertaining illustrations that tap into the female millennial horoscope culture, as well as pictures that feature the faces of prominent celebrities and quotes that go with their star persona.


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She creates cards that remind us of when our hearts soared during moments from our favorite romantic comedies of the 90’s. Such content is fitting given that Rahman expressed that her ultimate vision for C.O.R. is,

“To spread goodness and consciousness. To let people know that there’s always that little kid inside of you and it’s ok to let them out.”

In deciphering which themes and ideas that her products will be orientated around Rahman told Kulture Hub, that her product development is influenced by things that simply interest her, as well as the desire to instill a feeling of wonder, excitement, and childhood nostalgia for her customers.


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Though her background as a multimedia artist has informed what products she has created, Rahman also emphasized that she always knew she had the creative gene.

“I’ve always known that I’m the type of person who was just born to create. I thrive through it in every way and I try not to give myself rules when creating.”

Rahman, however, like most artists, is no stranger to the fear and doubt that comes with putting one’s work out to the public, as she stressed the importance of believing in one’s own creations and ideas.

“Not everyone’s business is the same as yours and when in doubt, do your own research. It takes a lot of self-teaching to create a business by yourself.”

She continued by expressing that her desire to create and share her work ultimately supersedes the fear, because at the end of the day,

“If you don’t want to share anything with the world, what are you living for?”

Importantly, her intimate blog posts reveal how it is okay to not be okay.

Her posts are a source of comfort and offer an important encouraging message against a culture that socializes women to identify and hyperfocus on their supposed flaws and imperfections. In short, Rahman says stay true to yourself and just be you.


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Her Instagram account @cupofrahman and blog ultimately share posts that are funny, entertaining, and affirming. In regards to what advice Rahman has for young aspiring entrepreneurs, having resilience and organization are key, as she says,

“With Facebook controlling the Instagram algorithm, it’s been annoying at times, but I just keep pushing the content I want to be seen. It’s an ever-evolving process for me, I’m still learning and I always will be.”


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Celine finished off her advice by telling us,

“Always have a plan, save every dime you can, do your research and know that under no circumstances is it going to be easy. You have to know that you want to wake up every day loving what you’re doing.”