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How Conor McGregor went from welfare to self-made millionaire

Conor McGregor

The story of Conor McGregor is far from over.

But based off of what he’s accomplished in just the past four years alone, you can already make a movie based off that shit.

There’s no denying that he has the biggest mouth arguably in all of sports, but he writes checks that his ass can cash.

But oh yeah, he’s been cashing in like a mad man as his intentions are clear: he’s in it for the money and isn’t stopping until he’s atop that Forbes Top 25 Highest-Paid Athletes list.

Considering that he’s been in the game for not even half a decade, he’s already cemented himself as the cash cow of the UFC and most recently set up a dream match against Floyd Mayweather which is gonna make him stupid bread.

Win or lose, you’re looking at a guy who’s already pretty damn rich and gonna transition that into being wild fucking rich.

The craziest part is that it wasn’t too long ago when he was dead broke, working a job that not most would do, and dreaming of one day making it.

Not only did he make it but he far surpassed anything anyone would’ve expected from him. Now he’s ready to take all the money he can from sports and transition that into a movie career (most likely) where he isn’t going to risk his health and make even more BREAD.

No doubt he’ll be raking in cash for a long time to come but he started as a young boy in Dublin who knew he wanted to fight and didn’t want to be broke anymore.

Check out the video above highlighting Conor McGregor’s story and rise to the top.