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How Chipz aims to revolutionize gambling and DeFi

Chipz is an upcoming crypto-based gambling platform utilizing blockchain technology to change the way players experience gambling platforms.

With several innovative new features, it allows players to bet on any topic they want, all in a single place. Launching later this month, it has the world of gambling and DeFi on its toes. 

The global gambling industry is worth around 265 billion dollars. It’s an industry that remains popular around the globe, with gamblers often interacting on gambling platforms, making bets, engaging in discussions, and making new friends in the process.

But one issue holds players back. They often need different platforms based on what they’re betting on. Most traditional platforms will focus on a specific niche. Sports, gaming, politics, cryptocurrency. The result? Players need to make a different account for each one. Now a new cryptocurrency is looking to solve this problem with blockchain technology.

What Is Chipz?

Chipz is an innovative cryptocurrency project looking to solve many of the problems faced by modern bettors. The platform allows players to bet on any topics around the globe, from politics and esports to live streams, sports, and cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional betting platforms, it allows users to enjoy the benefits of DeFi-backed solutions that introduce several new exciting elements to the gambling experience. 

The team behind the project includes Joab Garza, an experienced NFT game developer who built the highly successful Tezatopia, and Justin Lally, a key member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Together with Josh Thompson, they’ve built a team of experts looking to change the gambling world with blockchain technology. They’re also supported by one of the best advisory boards in the world of crypto. This advisory board includes the owner of Golden Knight’s, Gavin Maloof, NFL Star Todd Duckett, DJ Lethal, Jacob Busch from the Anheuser Busch family, and the chairman of Staxos, Nick Wilson.

The project is being developed in Costa Rica and will go live this month with the projects social media campaigns in full swing. So far there has been a significant amount of interest from their audience, who are excited to see what blockchain technology can do for the future of gambling.

Innovation At Every Level 

One of the most exciting things about Chipz is they’re not just making a few changes, they’re taking gambling to a whole new level. On the platform, players can bet with USDC, whilst enjoying a number of several changes that aren’t available on traditional platforms. One such option is stake to earn. On the platform, each transaction will incur a 3% fee, which is placed into a revenue share pool. Investors can choose to stake their tokens in this shared pool and as a result, will earn an income based on the amount they’ve staked. 

Another exciting feature of Chipz is its bookmaking options. Despite being a popular option amongst current players, bookmaking has always been somewhat expensive. Players would often have to pay upwards of $20 a month before they’d even made a bet.

With Chipz, players can enjoy several deals and giveaways that will allow players to enjoy without needing to spend a high % of their earnings. They’ve announced deals as low as $60 for a whole year, as well as lucrative giveaways for players who want to get in early. But get in fast, as they’ve only available until the end of 2021!

The final feature that has bettors excited is the focus on global events. Each year, Chipz will hold a number of events based on major world changes. These could include a change in political leaders, how many goals will be scored in a championship match, and who will win awards at events. 

The CHIPZ Token 

Chipz is an ERC 20 utility token that can be found on Binance Smart Chain, Uniswap, and Pancake Swap. Following the launch of the platform in December, the team has announced they will also make the token available on several additional popular exchanges. 

The token itself also has a unique use that helps it stand out in a crowded crypto market. During a bet, gamers can speculate on its value, allowing them to profit when its value is increasing.

Additionally, the platform also allows players to stake their CHIPZ during a game, adding to the potential reward from their winnings. This exciting feature will allow players to win more from their bets and can be used to make bets more enjoyable. 

Chipz Is a Must For All DeFi Bettors

Chipz is arguably the best upcoming gambling platform in the DeFi space. With a range of exciting new features and a great team building the project, it’s a project that has the potential to completely change the gambling market.

It will launch this December, with a roadmap already planned for mid-2020 and a community excited for what it will offer. Should the launch be a success, Chipz could one day become the number one DeFi gambling platform in the world.