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How Cali’s Fair Pay To Play Act finally allows NCAA athletes to make bread

Show em’ the money.

On Monday, the California State Assembly passed a bill that would allow college athletes to sign endorsement deals. The Fair Pay To Play Act, or SB 206, passed by a vote of 72-0. A different version of the bill passed the Senate by a similar decision in May.

This is the first step in ensuring college athletes get their due. College athletics is a billion-dollar industry. School’s are profiting off of the athlete’s work, coaches are signing massive contracts to coach the kids, so why is it fair that student-athletes can’t earn a cent? California’s decision to allow college athletes to make endorsement money is a big step forward and could have major ripple effects through the rest of the country.

In June, NCAA President Mark Emmert urged California lawmakers to postpone consideration of the bill because of the unfair advantage Californian universities could have in recruiting athletes. Emmert, who reportedly makes $4 million a year, suggested that colleges in California could be prohibited from competing for NCAA Championships if the bill was passed.

One way to make sure California’s schools don’t have unfair advantages (despite already being in arguably the most beautiful state in the country) is for other and all states to sign similar bills.

So thanks for the idea, Mark.

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Playing in college risks athlete’s millions of dollars in their future if they get hurt. Thankfully nothing like this happened, but imagine if Zion Williamson had such a severe injury in college that he wasn’t even drafted in the league, and could never play a minute in the NBA?

All that hype, promise, and brilliance he displayed in college would have gone without a single cent. California passing this law ensures that the deserving college athletes receive the money that is out in the market for them.

Lebron James was one of the high-profile people advocating for California to do the right thing and pass the bill.

Even Bernie Sanders chimed in, in agreement with James.

America is a country that is so deeply capitalistic in nature it defines every major system in the country. Where there is a market, where there is a demand, the supply will come. College athletes provide everything for the NCAA, and the NCAA’s antiquated ideas about payment and scholarships being enough are eventually going to see college sports become obsolete.

California is often at the forefront of progressive ideas and these ideas being passed into law. For the college athletes that expend their blood, sweat, and tears in their respective games, here’s hoping other states follow suit.