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How Adidas is using influencers to push the brand into the future

No brand is going to dethrone the king, Nike. At least not yet. They’ve dominated the game literally my entire life. If you didn’t have Nikes growing up, you just couldn’t be wavy but that thought is beginning to change.

Nowadays we are really pushing the idea of individuality and being different so people are leaving their Nikes behind for something new. As the people leave the Swoosh behind, they are picking up the three stripes for a new look.

Adidas knows this and are capitalizing on it. With campaigns like “Create Positivity” or “Sports Need Creators” they are pushing for uniqueness.

Their latest campaign for “Originals Is Never Finished,” is by far the wildest. Just take a look.

Clearly Adidas had money to just throw after they’ve been killin’ it but who thought this was a good idea? Maybe this is the future but i don’t know bro, this is just freaky.

Let’s not focus on the video itself so much but rather who’s in it. Their partners are the future of both Adidas and fashion.

As Nike has all the greatest stars in sports like LeBron, Serena, and Ronaldo; Adidas is going for a new wave of influencers that we see in the video above.

Cultural figures like Kendall, Carti, The Beard and Thugger are changing the fashion world by signing with Adidas and there’s no doubt we will see the brand continue to grow.

If you think that’s all who Adidas has on the squad let me show you what else Adidas got with them. These are some of their biggest collabs yet.

Kanye West

We can’t leave Kanye out of a list of Adidas partnerships… it’s Kanye.

Many people were skeptical when he first announced he would join Adidas but the work he has done with his Yeezy brand there has been nothing short of amazing.


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Here’s Pharrell with his latest Tennis Hu. Here’s further Pharrell sneaker analysis.

Pharrell is a genius when it comes to fashion and just having him on your team means greatness is bound to happen.

Jeremy Scott

Spotted in Mountain Dandy. Jeremy Scott for Adidas. #sickshoes #adidas #jeremyscott #jeremyscottadidas #icarus

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One of Adidas’ earliest partners, Scott has created sneakers that have shaken up the sneaker world.

His teddy bear sneaker changed the way people viewed footwear and just like that Scott made an impact forever.

Alexander Wang

This upcoming drop will be the second batch of ideas Wang and Adidas have come up with.

With the first being so successful there’s no way they’ll stop here.

Raf Simons

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The work Simons and Adidas have made together has been just pure gold. These sneakers are highly sought after with big resale prices.

They really are crafting sneakers for the future.

Of course, there are plenty of other Adidas collaborators we didn’t mention, like Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto, but the fact remains that Adidas has a bright future ahead of them.

They may just become the brand of the future one day and eventually dethrone Nike.